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Artwork by Mario Franke

Welcome to different ways of Electronica and Pop!

Hello Friends of independent music!

I would like to announce the 14th Syngularity album "Night Launch" including tracks which I have produced between 2013 and 2015, together with "old" and new collaborators -, please visit the music section to get all the details about the albums also including links how to purchase it if you want to support the artists. Thanks to all talented collaborators & everyone for support!

For details about our music project please read below. This website is mainly meant as a portfolio for the included members, possible business partners, and everyone who is interested to listen.

Please contact us if you want to get digital albums or single tracks. "More to say", "A musical Guide to Cosmic Wonders", "The 7th Dimension" and "Just Because" are still available on iTunes. Besides the release of our new album, there are also scheduled iTunes/Spotify releases for "Modern Alchemy" and the rare Best Of album Ascendant" (2011). "Ascendant" includes new masters of Syngularity classics and exclusive tracks as well.

If creativity goes on seamlessly, we will release the 15th Syngularity album for our anniversary in 2017!



Syngularity is a "virtual band" of the modern age, created by musicians with a little help by the internet high speed ways...

Feel free to listen to the 1 minute samples of all the Syngularity albums in the music section. "Just Because", "Constellations" (with Corrado Rossi) and "The 7th Dimension" are availabe on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and other digital stores! You can find the more recent updates in our Myspace blog.


I started in 1997 with a couple of melodic electronica tracks. My partner Minouche joined soon as co-writer and arranger, and Minouche is also responsible for instrumentals like "Hyperion" (also known as "Sensual Moves") in 2000. This track was among the winners of a competition of Besonic.com - Jon Lord was a member of the jury - , and was chosen as a part of the musical background for the exhibition "Olympia, Art and Greece" at the Airport Gallery in Frankfurt a. M., Germany, August 2004. You can find Syngularity on several independent releases (see References page), and you can also visit us on Myspace.

Sometimes we touch the symphonic/soundtrack genre, and we also love to include elements of rock and a special sound design (using hardware devices like Roland and Korg and fine virtual solutions created by Steinberg, Spectrasonics, HG Fortune and many others). International singers and instrumentalists are always involved, and we enjoy working together with all these talented artists who help us to keep the musical output colourful and fresh.

Furthermore I was honored to produce an impressive number of songs for our musical friend Bob Forbes aka RedEyeC, multi-instrumentalist and singer from New Mexico, and Bob also consulted Minouche as co-writer for lyrics.

Please also listen to the side project System Reaktion on Soundclick which is focussed on Dance!

The artwork is an important part of the way we'd like to present the Syngularity project. Many thanks to Mario Franke, Achim Hasse and Anja Gabriel.

Best wishes,
Pascal Gregory

Background audio is "Utopean Dream" © Syngularity

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