November 23th, 2006

finally getting sround to reviewing this awesome track. a very deep and dark journey down the streets of a futuristic city. fantastic guitar work. with the pulsing electronic energy of THE synths. very compelling and foreboding at the same time. beautiful and mysterious. 4x4sure

December 15th, 2005

that is a cool bass in this and a melody that wanders. good effect. very good. thought provoking, puts you in suspense. very well done. Loren

December 8th, 2005


moin baby,

thats a great, interesting big song......yeeeaaahhhhhh - i like your bullshit, honey.......;---)))))))

big christmas-wishes from Zap*

September 30th, 2005

...this is another really great piece of work. I'm sure it would fit really well on some film soundrtrack, but it would also do very well on any album. The beat is hypnotic and unsettling at the same time which is some feat. The guitar work adds nicely to edginess. And the main riff on the keyboard is also very engaging. Clearly you have great skill for this kind of music.

September 25th, 2005

Great piece that instantly made me think of a better piece of music that might have saved William Friedkins ill fated attempt at the remake of Wages Of Fear. (Music score by Tangerine Dream) Don't get me wrong, I think Tangerine Dream did a great soundtrack... But this song is definately more suspenseful, with a drive to 'make it to the end'. And for any soundtrack that would need such a piece (don't they all?) I would say "City Creepers" is definately IT!

I'll take you three anyday over Frose, Franke and Bauman

September 14rd, 2005

Stage two of my journey finds me in a dark and mysterious place, surrounded by electronic sounds that echo round my head. Tangerine Dream inspired electronica, but somehow better with the addition of Glen's superb "Pink Floyd" guitar...Awesome..... Great atmosphere created here, and a superb soundtrack that would grace any high suspense movie. Love it....

September 9th, 2005


Once again, the singular sounds of Syngularity ... unmistakable clarity of mix and cornucopia of swirling sounds. Great tension and release, conflict and resolution.

Another fantastic sonic journey. Thanks for the ride!

September 9th, 2005

This is a lush and environment dominating track. The mood is absorbed in uncertainty and expectation. The slide lead is David Gilmourish, and the pulsating vibes are Depeche Modeish, a mixture that is delightful. This could be a soundtrack for different media: film, video games. Great stuff!

September 9th, 2005

Man this is GOOD stuff.
Atmosphere to the max.
What a wonderous soundscape.
The guitar is spellbinding and so heartfelt.
Amazing amazing music.
Would give this 10 yes's if I had them.

September 8th, 2005

It would be the perfect soundtrack for a psychological thriller. Love the way it builds up....creates suspense....and then rips with some wonderful guitar sounds and playing. Great stuff

September 7th, 2005

music. The production and mix are both excellent. The guitar added a nice touch and broke up the main theme quite well. I kept hoping the melody would develop a bit more, but for a soundtrack piece this is excellent material.


September 6th, 2005


and in the follow there is a big line of tension. So I am listen with big ears when will come the peak. Yes ... and it comes. A soundtrack with inspiring for phantasy. With every note it remains thrilling. Until end. Great Job, Pascal.

September 6th, 2005

Intro reminded me of Floyd. Good synth work and fantastic mix. Like the EFX. and awesome guitar tone and work. Mixpix!!!!!!

September 5th, 2005

each and every Syngularity track has the ability to provoke many emotions, moods and conjure beautiful pictures. This suspensfull song is startligly surreal, and very very stunning. Scenic landscape for the audio senses.
Brilliant work by Minouche, Glenn and Pascal.

September 5th, 2005

this has a real 8os movie feel to it...think labrynth and legend...very proffesionaly done

September 3th, 2005

I like this one right from the start. I just love that bass bounce. Very endearing. Then it turns on you lol! Great dynamics in this piece, and a well blended plethora of instrumental passages. Very intense but enjoyable listening.

September 3th, 2005

Like the space atmosphere a lot.
Excellent chosen instrumentation!
Nice combination of handmade and electronic elements..
Interesting modulations and strong melody.
Very easy on the ears indeed.
Your music is transcendind bounderies..Great work!

Marijan for DCE