June 27th, 2006

ALL A+++++


June 8th, 2006


Man great Collab 3 very talented artist's teaming up very nice I like the drum programming and the bass. the Lyrics are cool almost sound like they could have been writ by rapster very cool. Kephas voice sounds good and Lex' Lyrics are great Nice one guys

4 X Yes

January 31st, 2006

Oh yeah! Some fantastic rhythm work here: an utterly fantastic beat that provides an excellent heartbeat for the track. Elsewhere, the instrumentation is top-notch, and the vocal mix is interesting, and the performance is very strong indeed (the introduction, in particular, needs highlighting, as it really wrenches you into the track). I'm not overly keen on the guitar parts dotted around (I'd love to hear a 'guitarless' mix), but I loved every other aspect of the track.

November 17th, 2005

Interesting lyrics - often wonder what kind of a world it would be 100 even 1000 years from now.
Smooth synths present here in this exotic song of forecast.

Good job Pascal & Co.!


November 17th, 2005

pascal, lex and kephas? lex always has some fine lyrics, kephas is an amazing guitarist, and this song has a huge mix of everything good in it. nice music, message and performance. Loren

October 18th, 2005

Man there are just so many things I LOVE about this song.
The message,delivered with heart.
The vocals are simply superb.
The synth work,lush,wonderful.
Guitar, beaqutiful.
Gentlemen,this is UTTERLY SUPERB!
Mix Pix for sure.
4 yes's.

August 29th, 2005

very cool tune- enjoyed the Santana like guitar sound. The vocals reminded me a bit of Peter Gabriel.
Cool production & mix, ready for the airwaves..

August 25th, 2005

that fast little drum beat is captivating.
Robotic voices are a little creepy. I am always concerned my computers will take over my brain. This song makes me even more paranoid. Thats cool though, I like the song. Very clear, talented guitar solo as well.

August 22nd, 2005

Im stunned just by the talent ...

Floored to say the least ...




July 28th, 2005


Now the visual itself is already so fantastic and the robotics sound of Kephas is so captivating and innovative. Wow!!! The lyrics of Lex Zaleta is some well written material out of the blue sky.

And finally, the talented and first-class arranger Pascal in such high impact sound system with the tendy drum and overdriven guitar play. And the tangerium dream type of celesta is my favourite too. The flow of the melody is unqiuely enchanting and the panning of the vocal is another bonus to the ears then.

Where will I be in year 2093. Now let me tell you, my higher self found no life in year 2014 and 2015 on Earth time meaning before that there must be something very destructive happened but it cannot be revealed. We have only 9 years and hope this info will not be accurate then. Good Luck to all human on Earth.


April 24rd, 2005

what a crossover from that brilliant TWO!! Syngularity gives a phat basic where kephas can show his strenghtīs. fine guitars and the vocals come on very clear ( much better than in the most kephas trax). cool athmospheric song, that rocks forward and electrizizes. Great work of you both.

March 6th, 2005

This is amazing stuff. Everything is said already, but I want to support this possibly first 3 way collab (is it?) Because it is good provocative stuff.

March 2nd, 2005


love the vocal intro love how the guitar brings the rest in
synths are gorgeous wow. very nice.
bass could be more prominent
excellent crisp nice variations
im impressed. love the robot effect.
going places a nice journy. everything leads into everything nice.
liked it workes great.
everything, this is a great track
none really.
wow nice collaboration great team work here.

March 2nd, 2005

This collab really works - no doubt about it. Beautiful, lyrical guitar phrases from Kephas, the usual intelligent, thought provoking lyrics by Lex and a superb production job by Pascal. Three incredibly talented and creative individuals indeed! Does anyone have the answer?

February 28th, 2005


this is a great example of the internet leads the way in fusion of the future. You have the classic german electro sounds, mixed with latino vocals and guitars that are reminiscent of carlos santana. Lyrically it's excellent and when that solo kicks in your jaw drops to the floor...awesome, no other word for it. A fusion of the impossible, brilliantly executed. A MUST LISTEN! A brilliant combination of the 3 brilliant artists.

February 22nd, 2005

This song is kind of interesting for me, it sounds like star trek on speed, lol but I don't know if thats a good or bad thing? It sounds good, but I think the saxaphone (??) sounding thing just after 2:00 sounds a little off, but still kind of plays in. Gotta 10 it for originality though... lol never heard anything like it before...

February 21st, 2005

is this guys name really lex...thats awesome...i'd wear a nametag all day if i were him..
good song..where will we be in 2093...we'll be dead! i appreciate your wondering though.. really good synth tones here synny. Is that u on guitar...another killer man, beautiful..and good work kephas

February 20th, 2005

It's always nice to bump into musicnas who are thinking a little ahead. Therefore I like the subject of this song. Where will we be in 2093? Who knows! I suppose depending on how you look at things and how you act will determine how you see the wqorld in 2093.

This song has a fairly frantic pace to it so I presume the artist(s) feel that the pace of life will be faster in 2093. A fairly safe assumption if you see how life doesn seem to be getting faster all the time.

Nice futuristic feel off the vocal, as well as a nice Santana touch in the guitar department.

February 20th, 2005

looked for each other and found to a outstanding music piece.I´m very impressed of this colab.Itīs a new favourite for my page...Marijan

February 19th, 2005

This splendid collab gives a vision of a possible future. Is the music contained here also a vision of the future with it's original blend of rock and electronica.
That remains to be seen but it looks hugely succesful. An excellent song with superb performances from all concerned. High energy guitar and vocals (like the panning) and some rich lush pads that are immaculately blended together.
Pascal has done a great production job on this skilfully mixing all these elements together.
I have got to give full marks because everything is faultless.Well done !!!

February 19th, 2005

Wow ! This piece blew me away the very first time I heard it. A collaboration by three hugely talented individuals. Kephas, excellent vocals and guitar a mixture of Edgar froese and santana. Wonderful lyrics by Lex, very poignant in todays climate. And of course Pascal, who's magic weaves it all together in a superb, professional manner. Syngularity tracks are always a fantastic journey and this is no exception.

February 18th, 2005

science fiction soundscapes, meets earthbound ragga vocals,, Pascal, Kephas and Lex who wrote the lyric..This is an amazing journey in audio... the music, words and voice is a perfect example of three different genres that unite beautifully.. the drum in this is amazing..and a story that makes one think.. genius work again! and again!!!!!!!!!!
this song would take the stage by storm...

February 18th, 2005

Cool arrangement. The voice is remiscent of early Peter Gabriel. I like this track!

February 18th, 2005

Excellent song!!
Very interesting combination of "poppy" elements and synth/electronic sounds.

Pascal, I really think I should deliver "misery" finally... :-( Sorry for the awful long delay! Right now I'm guest and can't set up my recording equipment but I'll try in the next 2-3 weeks...

10s all thru...


February 17th, 2005

Pascal, Lex and Kephas,

You have a winner here. Great production and mix.

With Lex's penetrating lyrics and Kephas's soulful vocals and sizzling guitar you have created a absolute gem of a song.

Really love the lyrics!! (Lex, you truly are the master!) Kephas vocals are superb as always.

Pascal, you have a great talent (really a gift!) in your arrangements and your palette of sounds. Brilliant guys!!

all the best,

February 17th, 2005

Hey, this is a good piece. The reverberation is optimal. The pan- effects are very positive. The vocals of Kephas is the best one like always. The guitar-playing is very professional. A compact matter of a high professionalism. I congratulate you to this top production. Simply marvellous !!!

You have made this excellent.

February 17th, 2005

Great meaningful lyrics and wonderful music.Guitar is outstanding!Really enjoy this! VOTE UP!

February 17th, 2005

ich sach NUR: fantastic-geiler-flotter-great-BIG-song (trakk).

10 points from me.


February 17th, 2005

What a powerfull masterpiece ! Concerning the style I couldnīt really describe what it is - and those tracks are mostly the best ... even can hear some Santana-elements. Every artist involved in this work gave his best ! A big vote-up ...

February 17th, 2005

Man, I really love collabs and this one is amazing! I have a lot of respect for Kephas, I'm a newbie here so I will need time to know more artists here...anyway, well done, because it is a great tune.Thanks for sharing...All the best, amigo! Regards from Brazil!!!!! :-))))

February 16th, 2005

GREAT!!!!!!! Wow, 3 of my faqvourite artists and people together on this colab!!! A real mixture of styles here. If Phil Collins, Santana, and Vangelis did a project together, it would probably sound like this. Really well done guys. I have to agree with rotcod, the production sounds a bit Hot and unclear.
But other than that, nice work guys!!!

February 16th, 2005

This reminds me of some of Kephas WAY-BACK work... super high-energy, & spirit filled! It's coming across (to me) as the TRUE music of the 21st century.... collaborative & full of ENERGY!

On my phones, it comes across as mixed "just a bit" hot... but, I'd rather hear it that way than too LOW.

EXCELLENT talent across the board, & some KILLER synth/guitar work on here...

This gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for folks new to MIXPOSURE... THIS is what can come about when music-folks REALLY "get together"!

February 16th, 2005

I was just along for the ride on this one - but WHAT A RIDE!

With my limited musicianship, I stay within safe, small boundaries (things I can play and sing without hurting too many people). I put down a little three-chord folk song - Kephas took it out of this world, and Syngularity took it out of our universe. Two musical geniuses on the planet at the same time, working on the same song - what are the odds of that happening!?!?

Fantastic song, guys!

February 16th, 2005

Pascal transcends ALL barriers in this production.

Pascal has achieved a brilliance that is cosmic. The joy I felt working on this song is inexpressible. I am stunned by what he accomplished with the meager submission I sent him.

This song is provocative - captures the imagination and catapults one into a profound meditation on the current and future state of our world.

Lex - a master lyricist - a poet of our times - excels in this presentation. Soaked in the genius of Pascal's musical masterpiece, his lyrics plunge into our souls with an almost forced beckoning: "Where will we be?"

Pascal - a superb production. I am honored beyond expression to be a small part of this GREAT presentation!