July 5th, 2006

i love the orchestral opening,,,, very dramatic. i get a lot of my inspiration from this type of music....

i like the high techno sounding bleeps that come in on their own and then the electric sounding leyboard come in with a natural piano sound to follow.


May 18th, 2006



May 18th, 2006

OOOO La la....

Darkness has fallen, right here! Reminds me of Beethoven's Requiem...

Love the strings, organ is waaaay kew-L...

Then POW! Sssssssynth, thang!

Eeeeeeeeerie for sure....

gr8 job

play on, play on...


May 12nd, 2006

The strings and synths to me brought a sort of melancholy beauty to the track. Good production. Gothic splendour 21st century style...

May 11st, 2006

Hey, Duck's backsides are the last thing I would have visualised with this epic composition. (ha ha) The listener gets real value from such a magnificent musical experience. The first thing that struck me was the break between those long string notes (people don't usually do that) - I'm thinking 'swans' here. Then the 'quacking' starts and the rain dropping on the water. A storm is brewing with ominous thunder. Next clever thing is the bouncing of different rhythms, really catches the ear and confuses the brain. I'm thinking now "I want to steal this song" and at 2.30min I'm so excited by it, I wan't to go and make someone else share the joy (but my Husband is deaf!) Ah, at 4.18 I'm not sure about the raspy high notes but they do add variety. Then I think we are on wind down but the piano sound was a little too sharp and up front for my ear and I got impatient. But...it isn't a wind down because here we go again Weeeeee, I'm loving this, and to get ME to listen to an 8 min plus song is quite an achievement believe me!! And... it's not over yet because it's all going CRAZY at 8.20mins You must have loved producing this and I loved listening to it very much. - Jilly x

May 6th, 2006

Shalom from israel,

Really enjoying relaxing to "Duck's End (feat. Minouche) "~! Very good production quality. Highly creative. Smooth mix, great textures and movement with atmospheric depth and an ocean of feelings and musical messages!!
GREAT WORK my friend!!

Simply AMAZING music!! I love the Fantastic playing and composition. love the mood.especially the production here very good sound and creativity that I am hearing here. Best prog I've heard in my life. very meditative and transparent songs.Seems like everything you're involved with demonstrates yet another facet of your imagination. The compositions are very interesting in terms of what it tends to bring out in each of the musicians.. You must be having loads of fun! As always, take care and keep on with the vision. Totally appreciate your work, it gives me ideas for my own stuff. Thanks much for sharing your music with the world .keep up the great work.would be happy for us to stay in contact!

With Respect Admiration
and best regards from Israel,
Shimon Afriat

my another sites

http://www.soundclick.com/BACKNEE HORN



May 5th, 2006

The symphonic touch works well with this composition, which begins with a semi-classical flirtation before moving onto numerous dramatic and mysterious synth sounds...then a pause for a quick burst of church organ, (which is a nice touch), and continuing with its rhythmic, melodic and exciting journey into a disco/funky feel backbeat and some beautiful grand piano. Then, as if all that wasn't enough, your creation dares to move onwards once again with its core theme and finishes as it begun, in a fusion of classical style. You know that Duck's End, (feat. Minouche), is so special in my opinion, so well arranged, so professional sounding, so full of quality and variation, it would make an absolutely perfect theme tune for a tv thriller or something! Worthy of Alan Parsons or Jeff, (War of the Worlds), Wayne, this is a truly wonderful track, (the best I have ever heard on MixPosure), of which you must be so very proud. I am adding this one to my MixPix Playlist for tons more listens and will recommend your work to as many people as I can. You are a TRUE genius!

May 3th, 2006

Surprising track - sounds like Beethoven gone wild in the 21st centruy.

Sophisticated arrangement, you always got a little trick around the corner to keep the listener hooked.

You've gone to a new edge with the way you introduce mood swings and instrument changes throughout the song.

You are top notch - you should be conducting the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra.

May 3th, 2006


wow pascal... in the german tradition... sounded like wagner or richard strauss at first... like those rain-drop pizzicatos... now heavy piano basses... storm is building... fantastisch!... mein Gott ist das intensiv! not only will ducks be finished but the entire animal and plant world before mankind is through ravaging the earth for money... that's why we only live 90 years so we don't have to account for our crimes and see the next generations tears... also why we drink beers... to forget our fears... but they are now here... great music pascal.... almost too great... makes me cry... watch the ducks die... now a dance break?... only for sanity's sake... music like this is no fake... it's deep... hope we can all sleep... knowing what creeps... the end... auf wiederhören... 4x

May 3th, 2006

Very dramatic and attention catching. I love the movement of this composition and the unusual note choices in the upward chord progression. The combination of instrument sounds works very well!

This song keeps your ears on their toes (if that's possible) because it does not go to expected places or stay there for long! I especially love the subdued melodic piano section- And the eerie sounding ending! beautiful and well done.

The mix as well is extremely well balanced- putting the focus in just the right place. fantastic.

April 26th, 2006

Toke a while to post a review , had to listen more times which is not bad! Man so much good music overhere, I can only review and make no music anymore ;-)

This song is like an epos, so many elements and styles! Impressive intro followed by some great synths , I like the 2.30 piece which comes back 6.40 You know! Killer synths sounds, arpeggios, sequences and FX . Its all there to the max. Huge variation, you toke some risk around 5.50 with very nice sounding piano changing into a disco rythm but the song has structure! A very nice collab with the smooth strings and organ. a master piece , enjoyed listening went a little in depth , normally I don't do that but with this piece I had to ...lol !

Keep up the good work!
cheers Robert (RoF Project)

April 18th, 2006

After the last one i revieuwed i was asked to revieuw this and lucky enough i said yes :)

The start is fantastic, nice sounds you have. Synth kicks in and fades out bringing in a new one, and it goes on and on and on.....

The structure and way of composing is very classical, if one of those guy's (mozart-beethoven bach) would have lived in this era, they probally would write this kind of music.....

April 11st, 2006

this could've come from a broadway play. Then the synths kick in and the groove. Great production (as always). Nice use of efx. well done. Great track gents! MPx4. Love the church organ.

April 8th, 2006

very unusual and cool. this song really took me somewhere. like some kind of journey. the synths and such were so raw and classic. i loved it. the progressions were very unique. excellent work.

March 29th, 2006

Such a magestic, regal intro...Listening to this I feel I´m riding amidst a strong, powerful army...Into battle we go...No defeat here..Then a change into sweet thoughts before riding on to the next battle....One defeat after another...brilliant work...Inspiring to say the least...An epic masterpiece...x4

Luv Mags xx :-)

March 27th, 2006

Really like the way this song is built up, very good. Nice and calm intro, the groove coming in is very smooth and beautiful. Good stuff!

December 11st, 2005

The word that strikes me is:"Eloquence" There is a great deal of grace in this piece. From the orchestral opening,through the shattering synth bridge and into the main theme.
All done,just so.
These things can not be taught,only known. Wonderful melodies,superb,flawless musicianship. Well done my friend,every piece of yours is a jewel of sounds. Nigel.

December 7th, 2005

not bad
very cool

November 10th, 2005

well man,very sad melodies at the intro,really great classic music intro,then the song turns lot of electronic orchestra,like old wendy carlos stuff.the melodies are great and the rythm tension really works,it reminds me lot of john carpenter stuff in the last 10 years.this is really great electronic music,with lot of epic view,the robotic arrangements are good,lot of eighties touch here too.the synth arrangements are my favourites here,i like the loud rythm but i really love lot of the clasic synth arrangements.this is a complex song,different parts,the quite part after minute 5 is just perfect to give the song a memorable break before the grand finale.great stuff,9/10 into experimental electronic.best wishes man,keep on the good work.bye.

October 9th, 2005

Crystal from Implied logic said I should listen to this and she was so right. I really like the symphonicness of it. Never a dull moment as it moves from one thing to the next.

October 7th, 2005

Very masterful sound. I enjoy the many layers, and the precision in which it was performed.

This piece took me to many places, as if I were in an epic journey.

I love the many rhythmic techniques, and the smooth transitions in and out of the Disco / funk portions, suddenly finding myself swirling in a cool, trickling stream, then once again to be on a fervorous run. Climbing, climbing, climbing, to the ultimate top leaving all behind, and embarking on a new adventure.

Wow! I am in awe!

September 29th, 2005


Soaring, as usual, ever upward. The only down here is on the duck's back.

Masterful manipulation of sounds - sonar sleight of hand, indeed.

This is a very precise mix - everything positioned perfectly - and that adds to the overall dynamic effect of this composition.

September 26th, 2005

an amazing composition combining a wide array of sounds, tempos and images all in a cohesive, well produced mix. Thanks for the joyride guys!

September 19th, 2005

hey whatzup great song you have here i like the bass to it i have it 10 Starts up ********** there 10 starts up well i g2g now later >.>. DJ AVSP 06

September 17th, 2005

This is a masterful track. Great percussion. I suppose theres a little bit for everyone here from classic to pop (even a hint of funky town!). Superb stuff.

gets a 4 thumbs up here..

September 14rd, 2005

A track that has more twists and turns than the motorway interchange at Bristol, where it is so easy to end up going the wrong way. This, I am happy to say, goes in exactly the right direction. It moves through so many changes of mood, from slow almost ambient strings and organ, to 120 mph mayhem. A bit like driving on the motorway really. ( If there are any police reading this, I don't really drive at 120 mph on the motorway ! ) Don't quite know where the "duck" fits in but a very enjoyable musical romp none the less.

September 5th, 2005

Clasicallly beautiful, and a most inspiration piece of music, from Minouche and Pascal, this music inspires dreams, and I love your contrasting elements, Genius work.

August 30th, 2005

The instro is just brilliant. Dramatic and sweeping. Very much a classical film soundtrack feel to this part. It is thrilling to hear truthfully.

When the electron guns start really firing at 1 minute, it's like stepping through the Stargate. Thrilling neo-classical arps with great definition and bold execution.

A wonderful piece that mixes not only styles and instrumental, but also feelings - emotions - perceptions. A strong sensative type of track. Quite rare!

August 23th, 2005

What a track here, first you have the lush, beautiful strings in the beginning, then this sizzling synth sound comes in and changes the whole mood, then it builds to another mood, almost like a chase scene in a movie...then the end of the chase in the church with that pipe organ, lol. Lots of imagery on this one, great track!!!

August 22nd, 2005


This tune creates a "great" mood with its classical string intro and also with the organ and piano interludes. These are the parts I like most. The synthesizer sounds are super as always. One sound reminds me of "Popcorn" - do you remember? It's a "classical" synth sound. When electronic sounds reign, the song gets rhythm for dancing. Top-notch as always!

August 19th, 2005


great classical opening, this sure does have soundtrack quality. but it's also a cool dance track, because the beat is groovin'! the church organ adds some extra dimension to the already big sound. nice how the arrangement gets denser and faster then drops down to the quieter piano part... err... and then goes off again!!! i feel exhausted... you don't have to see the movie to experience a lot of action. just listen to this incredible track!

August 19th, 2005

nice panning and low freq. use.

very good use of stereo. nice fusion of different elements.

great depth and complexity. well layered, recorded and mixed.

very nice!


August 19th, 2005

...piece of music....great arrangement and sound...the sequence is Superb...listen....Frank, F.D.Project

August 19th, 2005


Increadable sound here! Very brave indeed...and new! A full and wide sound with great production and energy! A wonderful journey/listen in the earphones! Great skill and great song!

August 19th, 2005


moin syngu-baby.....nice sound; kompetente performance in allen bereichen; i like your liedGUT.....;--)))

kisses + knuddelzzzz.......Zap*