July 4rd, 2006

this is just great for the genre it represents.

i'm a huge fan of electronic music, and repect the talent and creative vision that goes into a track like this.

i enjoyed it.

July 3th, 2006


Stainless Steel Web is a really great track !!!!

The incorporation of different ethnic modes of music enhances the already flavourful and deep grooved elements of Stainless Steel Web.

From the beginning, I was intrigued and heard sounds propositioning themselves inside my mind.

You certainly got the web feel in right from the start.......GREAT !!!!!

But then, as the song moves along, we are introduced to a bass line and percussion section that holds steady the web as we are entranced on this journey of the Stainless Steel Web.

The vocalist has this scale down !!!! The vocal performance is haunting and allureing.

I think this is the voice of the keeper of the Stainless Steel Web.

SYNGULARITY, Stainless Steel Web has me glued.......

GREAT !!!!




June 27th, 2006



June 8th, 2006


Very cool fusion of sounds. the arp is great bass is kickin and drums are just enough not to distract from all the cool sounds floating around. Very nice

4X Yes

May 23th, 2006

This track is an exellent work of ambient music. Great conbination of voice and sound. I like the synthi lead line , ist great . the touch of mystic asian gives this song a very particular and unique grade. Great production

All The Best und viele Grüße Sven

May 3th, 2006

Truley Original and Electrifying!! The quality of your work is just consistently great, and continues here in this piece! This song has all of the great elements I can expect from you; exciting and original synth work, amazing effects, high production quality, rythm and melody!! The vocals are a very nice touch! Congrats on another fine offering!!

January 13th, 2006

I'm a sucker foe an ambient song.....and this is a really chillin' little number folks,the hypnotic rythmn's are excellent,your going on me mixpix,for inventiveness,creativity and general "Chill factor 10"!!!

January 2nd, 2006

Wow,what a mixture of textures. The heavy beat against the frail vocal line. Love that bass,and the synth work is as ever simply flawless. Amazing work my friend. The master at work.

December 15th, 2005

quite a complex rhythm with the drums. her voice is a bit eerie sounding. you have woven layer upon layer and one melody line after another. and the bass is so good and holds it together. nice. Loren

December 2nd, 2005

I am really glad to have come across this track Stainless Steel Web. What you have composed here is an intricate tapestry of sound, full of exotic atmosphere, taking the listener on an exploration of uncharted mind realms. A truly masterful production that you must be so proud of. Will download for some major listening enjoyment and one for my MixPix Playlist also.

October 5th, 2005

nice mixture of pseudo-arabic-electronica and industrial percussives. Lovely production too. Highly original and superbly simple.

January 17th, 2005

This is wonderfull, there feels like a feminine versus masculine concept.. to this song..very driven..yet very ethereal...and contrating elements work beautifully, like juxtapositions of sound. this music is inspirational.

January 11st, 2005

...an excellent work. The flow is penetrating. I like the vocal work. This song straddles time: GREAT work!

January 8th, 2005

Very beautiful and very mysterious atmosphere with world beat. My thought is able to fly to Arabia. Great!!

January 7th, 2005

There are webs that are made by the spyder...there are others made by the human creation.
In this track the fantasy and charm of such a geometrical form, is revealed in stainless steal, chemical substract for a solid expansion and sensible desire for the next victim...the listener, that will be grabed without any capabilty to fight... Surrender his emotional listening to the beauty of the web...

December 29th, 2004

I once descrobed this as " a finely tuned structure, moving, within which a expression could be safe and free to play within." I'm not sure now, and it could equally be a trap from which a voice struggles to get out. Different each time I hear it. Whatever motivated it, its wonderful and provocative and I love it.

December 28th, 2004

I like this, the vocals fit in well with the instrumental. I like the drums and the wah wah sort of melody. It sounds eastern to me and is a good track overall.

December 26th, 2004

awesome vocals, they fit this song. Production of this song is steady and strong. Good use of bass

December 26th, 2004

As with all of your music...I LOVE THIS! Beautiful vocals with a eastern feeling over your raddient synths! I dig the phat beat too! This song is crazy cool!!!

December 26th, 2004

There are many artists trying to perform experimental, ambient music on the internet; but I have heard few as interesting as Singularity. This effort has fine effects throughout with a vocal and groove that sounds like it would please listeners at a Bombay Disco. Sharp, clean recording and cool percussive sounds make this a first rate download choice.

December 25th, 2004

The unyielding and provocative beat sucks you in immediately!!! I particularly like the twisted "Julee Cruise" type voice. It works well. This is an athletic and pulsating piece of work!!!

December 24rd, 2004

Another great Production. Very experimental Track....cool Sound !

December 23th, 2004

This one is trance-like and has a strong bass-hook, well not hook..more like-hypnotism...I like the wide range of sounds in this song as well as the unearthly female vocals..

December 23th, 2004

i was listening to this while playing "prince of persia" on the xbox :) the oriental touch fit well! really great ambient track with lots of energy, love the vocals. the ethno beat is driving. kewl bassline!

December 22nd, 2004

When a band can alter someone into another realm, so nicely they deserve to be called original and unique. This is and it is a worldly feeling being quite mystical. The singing is beautifully alluring. Great.

December 21st, 2004

Intro leads to energetic rhythmic track filled with curious vocals surrounded by rich ambience. More for listening than dancing as break downs are long with few beat hints for movement to continue. Great arranging skills, kept me interest thru out. Programming skills show ability to create lots of space, very uncluttered, overall mood is maintained perfectly.

December 20th, 2004

This a really nice piece of electronic World fusion from Pascal. The ethnic vocals and subtle pieces of ethic instruments all blend exceptionally well into Pascals electrobeats and retro lead lines. Strong production as usual and quite creative. Recommended for your pleasure !!

December 20th, 2004

excellent production as always pascal, i like the vocals in this....give it real air of mystery and the synths really add to this. The beats is rather hypnotic...sounds as if it's almost breathing. Definitely enjoyed this piece

December 20th, 2004

But i am going to anyway. i have a respect for all types of music, including this one - i think your production is good, but in this genre it is sooo important to make sure that you put your brand of originality on it to keep from sounding the same as everyone else. it's already bad enough that this type of music forces the artist to make alot of repititions in beats and phrases, but try doing something different using slicing, automation, filters, and different effects. overall, this is an outstanding track, im just giving my advice.

December 19th, 2004

Doesn't matter tho, folks... you're KICKIN' tail... I rally LIKE what you're doing here... very, VERY high-energy, & a lot of soul shining.

Production is superb quality, & it doesn't come through as "just" another techno song.

Very good, gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!

December 19th, 2004

Let this song take you away to oriental soundscapes. Mysterious female vocals will show you the way. Those electronic sounds are relaxing and inspiring.

December 19th, 2004

Excellent production ... vocals really stand out to me as fitting and great!... Wonerful flow to this traveling tune... I almost wouldn't put this in ambient because it's rather moving to be ambient.. but hey, I like it :)