November 27th, 2005

Female vocals reminded me a little of Blondie. Super job with beats, sounds, and rhythms! Expert all around creation - is what to be expected by Pascal ; )
Great collaboration!!!



October 10th, 2005

parts of this sounds like a real classy pop song. very cool the way the vocals are used. good beats and music. nice changes too. fine song. Loren

September 7th, 2005

Has an almost J pop sound kinda anime ish

Has a real fun north of aqua sound, it's really hard work making this kind of music, I appreciate that aspect as well as this is good driving music, with a euroclub feel... =good

September 6th, 2005

....when I was used to go on nightclubs every night and coming back home with some SLF !!!!
good job

September 5th, 2005

Nice synth work on the intro, wonderful lyrics and vox's, the song has nice flow everything jelling harmonizing vocals were very nice. i like this a lot.

September 5th, 2005

Great track, reminds me a bit of New world order...really great sounds and the vocals are really cool. Love that square wave solo synth, really catchy melodies, a top song in my book...MIX PIX!!

September 5th, 2005

I like it because it's a great job

September 4rd, 2005


...& all woven into a most attractive musical experience that will transport the listener up, up & away!

I like the fact that this doesn't try & "overpower" you with beat, yet you know it's "there" & th' driving force in your life (at the moment).

Well DONE... gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these ears!

September 3th, 2005

WoW - Really love the feel on this ..

Very 80's sounding reminds me in parts of Depeshe Mode influence with a touch of East 17 - Hey

To me anyway .. good mix

Original delivery and performance


September 3th, 2005

Really feel the movement in this. Great dance tune! Love the flow of the vocals on so many levels and directions. At times lyrical and flowing indeed soaring. Great low harmony parts. Really rich.

The drums are thrilling. Deep toms raging and great cymbal work. Wonderful work!

September 2nd, 2005


... how often the radio station and music TV channels can fit this into their rotation.

This is one great song. Excellent mix of instruments and sounds. There seem to hundreds of different elements meshing seamlessly and effortlessly into one giant wall of captivating sound. Very different lyrics fit this very different song perfectly.

Congrats to both of you on this collab.

May 1st, 2005


What a great collab! Classic sounds woven into an intricate arrangement. The production shines as do the performances.

Great lyrics delivered with mellow tones. Creative use of modern recording/mixing techniques.

GREAT work!!!!

4x10 !!!!

April 23th, 2005

Like to listen to it, though I don't understand the lyrics, but that's my own fault. Never mind, so it's all left up to my fantasy which is kept rotating;-)
To me it has the special athmosphere of a hot late summer afternoon in the city...maybe that's far from the real meaning. Wonderful composition, good voice!

April 10th, 2005

Guided here by my friend Tom Byrne.
What an excellent song!
It has a wonderful atmosphere.
Had the old foot tapping along.
Beautiful melodies from the vocals.
Top notch.
Really enjoyed thsi.

March 31st, 2005


very full, rich sound on this track once again...the production is just mindblowing...flawless. I love the lyrics to this and the vocals are very in tune with the classic german electro sort of sound. This is an awesome piece of synthpop...on a par with anything you can think of that's been released in the genre for the past 10 years. The synths are great, so clear and crisp...outstanding collab and track.

March 27th, 2005


Great collaboration between two amazing artists... I am a huge fan of Azwel's work, he has probably the most beautiful voice of the entire Web...

The lyrics are also great, and Pascal's work is excellent.

The performance of both artists is superb. Very different of Azwel's work, and also from Pascal's usual music.

Everything here is great...congrats!

Now , where are the elevens?????

March 27th, 2005

Syngularity collaborations are always brilliant and this is no exception. It has ellements of Depeche mode but with it's own unique style, a style unique to pascal. The vocals and lyrics are outstanding, well done Jason. I will be checking out your stuff next. Production is great but I'm sure pascal will work on it even more. Talented, clever stuff. Highly Recommended...

March 26th, 2005


love the synths very celestial.
liked them.
classy helps the song a great deal. Not big on the organis one. more effects or better programing needed.
works well.
nice variation never boring tho i think neefds better eqing. maybe not.
Bloodhound gang feel on the male vocal. Female vocal sounds a bit pitchy here and there, like ideas very much.
Like the flow, arrangement is great. love the vocal break chop bit. the end is a bit long. maybe try and end the track around 400-430
most everything.
just the above mentioned
with a little fixing here and there this track could make radio air.

March 25th, 2005


Pascal has a sense feeling for the best singer. His voice is phantastic. The music-production is an earwig, varied and demanding. It's arranged very cleanly --- high performance.

March 24rd, 2005

great work, syng ...and great vocals... i couldnt have sung it better myself..

-not azwel

March 24rd, 2005

Electrifying performances yet again from visionary musican Syngularity.. and a beautiful multi-styled vocal performance.. from Aswell.. Observant, and real and yet pulsatingly surreal.. Another ground breaking work of art from two very unique and talented musicans and superb graphic artwork again....Definately not average!!!!!!! This is beautiful work.......

March 24rd, 2005


Great combination=great vocals!&great music! Congrats on another WINNER! Highly recomended!

March 24rd, 2005

These merging, blending harmonies and counterpoints and vocal styles. Jason...virtuoso vocal performances.

I have no idea what the lyrics mean, I hope it will eventually land on me, but the feel of this makes me not mind that.

Typical Syngularity suspense making keyboards and production.

Very special.

March 24rd, 2005

Beautifully put together - fine melodic vocals. This compares very well with 'Pet Shop Boys' or 'Tears For Fears'

Well done