September 24rd, 2006

Hello Syngularity,
I'm really impressed, shocked, stunned - and everything else you can imagine - by this enormous and masterpice track!

I remember the words you used for our track with Chipson: "I guess I won't forget the theme anymore" - well, I can say this for this track! Great, amazing melody, atmosphere and most important - Utopian Dream part two is a very dynamic track, full of variety!

The sound quality is really huge... and again, your work is brilliant. I'm sorry it's so short, but it's enough to impress!

Best wishes.

June 8th, 2006


Utopean Dream is a composition of some real nice spoken word and musical elements.

Great words......

Maxine is a great narrator!!!! And, as I know, Maxine is a wonderful vocalist too!!!!

I like the layering of sounds that are presented in this mammoth soundscape that takes us away out to the, Utopean Dream......

For a soundtrack composition, it is very good!!!!

The collaborators of, Minouche and Pascal have created a fantastic journey for us to be taken on.......

This is an EXCELLENT production that I would hope entrance others as it has me!!!!



P.S. There's many sounds to capture the ears here!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!

June 8th, 2006


Yes the intro is great spoken part in good. the synths sound amazing. almost soundtrack like very good stuff here. your skills are just amazing anotehr very cool electronic piece

4X Yes

May 4rd, 2006

lovely speaking opening part.... with the futuristic pulses comeing through and then the eerie whistling (electronic) then the kind of chanting in the backround.... you really arer an original musiician... this totally original...


December 16th, 2005

Maxines's voice works so well here... just like the first... I can't wait to see and hear this album... great production all around... again... as always...


December 8th, 2005

wonderful theme idea. i love the changes, absolute powerfull basslines.theme parts and fx super .melody is cool. full points and wunderfull soundtrack for a science fiction movie.the asian sequence is absolute the beginn.

i give you full points.!
NICE VOCAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greatings my friend from jones......:)

December 2nd, 2005


I was wondering whether Pascal work have been played on the radio and been featured in any TV network or movies related products. Coz such high calibration of talent shouldn't be left unnoticed. For me, I am just in the wrong place, meet the wrong person, borned in the wrong time. Hahaha!!!

I have not even a single doubt about his sound quality, always so crispy clear and clean. The professional product from a First-Class producer.

Great spoken words by Maxine Young, a great story teller in another form.

This is kind of music from my favourite game - Dawn of War. This is fusion and very energetically chaotics. I will install this track into my game too. Thanks Pascal.

A very grand persistancy into the world of dreams scape. Untamed in the sound selection and perhaps one of the best in Mixposure.

* 4 X MIXPIX!!!


November 23th, 2005

Not normally my cup of tea, but a fabulous job with production and and inventive and original piece. I look forward to listening to more.

November 22nd, 2005

good strong melody content. Excellent mix/production. Once again all your skills shine thru this nice piece of art. good tune.

November 19th, 2005

Very excellent.
I love songs like this, the music itself holds the listener in an embrace of wonderful sounds.

November 19th, 2005

this is an amzing piece. very professional production. excellent melodic content. exemplary talent here. bravo!

November 13th, 2005

Pascal, your skills are impeccable! Love the combination of synths here - a moving beat that gives you the chills ; )


October 25th, 2005

I really like how the start builds up.
Nice sounds there and I like how the track rises up.
Also interesting vocal part there.

I like how this track goes on, all the parts coming together nicely. Yet as powerful sounding as in some parts of the tracks, its not overpowerful, I mean it doesn't go over or overdo it. This track went smoothly all the way to the end.

October 25th, 2005

Now this is really professional work here!!!

WoW! The music you have created here can match any cinematic production I have heard or better in my opinion!

The percussion is excellent and so much texture in the it! You need to get this one to the movie industry!

Excellent work!

October 25th, 2005


You have an imagination as broad and far-reaching as your talent, Pascal. This is superbly crafted!

The sounds are explosive without being destructive, and they coming at the listener with unrelenting persistence. I don't know how you can get that sense of maximum volme without distortion setting in.

The complete work must be a masterpiece.

October 25th, 2005

Minouche and Pascal...
As ever flawless,different and SO inspirational!
This song is packing alot of energy.
Pulsing rhythms as Loren said.
Stunning synth work.
Great head cinema music :)
A joy to listen to.

October 25th, 2005

this sounds like something i tried to do, but like a billion times better. i finally gave up. i like the way this takes you on a sound journey. the bits of melody, the pulsating bass and the theme melody all going together. very creative. Loren