Brave New Star

Yes, they believed that they dreamt hard enough,
so hard for her to actually hear their dreams.
The adults travelled on the bow of multi coloured rainbow...
and for miles and miles the cosmic rays guided the army of adults
to reach the better world that they created... a world called utopia

And as the planet shimmered like a brave new star,
the army of dreamers dwelled on the new planet,
and dreamt and worked and loved and never fought wars
and never hurt or harmed the diamond stars, the emerald land,
the sapphire seas or the golden suns and jeweled planets.
And was above the planet we know here - the dream still exists...

We can reach utopia
if only our minds would allow us to be free, allow us to love and forgive,
and allow us to be brave enough not to fight and not to have war,
and not to be full of greed and hatred...
We can believe and we can dream.

And when we do dream...
the dreamcatcher listens... and she listens... and she answers us.