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As time and technology progressed the adults formed together a
group who built a virtual dreamcatcher in the form of their beloved
mystical goddess. It was a cyberworld where they would simply
connect by the mercurial wires and instant devices that their
dreams allowed them to invent... Fibre optic northern lights could
thread at the speed of sound like a mesh spiders web of ideas
and ideals, into their machinery... and as the binary flowed...
the zero...the one... the zero... the one... the numbers connected
like a magical and magnificent display of passionate hearts and
wishes. A miracle was born, and a new world dawned, sewn
together like a patchwork quilt of myriad dreams and hopes,
a kaleidoscope of every good wish you could imagine... a place
to live and to be happy... The adults created a new home for us
to dream... for all of us to dream!