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Tree Or Gold

I ask my tree could I be free
With gold to pay and coins to play

Could I take what I want
And feel no doubt

Would they tell me - You're right
Or - would it be night?

Shaking hands in cyberspace
Oh what a pleasant place
No need to show your face

Sell your heart and buy some fame
Join a brandnew game
The rules remain the same...

And we cry the tears of loneliness
But they'll send us a warm-hearted smile
Just one step away and you're king of the day
Please be patient, it could take a while

I tell my gold that I have sold
My tree for fame my heart for blame

But I'll fight and hold on
Will pay the price

They will tell me - of course
We'll bring you to the light

Shaking hands In cyberspace...

Save the level and come back
To become a crack
With a pain in your neck