Another elegantly arranged audio tour-de-force. Your music is so atmospheric, stirs alot of great visual images... Too good to be film music, to be sure, and Bob's leads are unique and perfectly suited to the material. This is a fun track, and downright brilliant!

Jim's Artificial Earth

love that bass tone and rhythm bone intro.. sensual but not dreamy.. more like steamy.. my kind of jazz track man.. love this.. damn.. you understand.. love to hear your band.. on guitar you got the man.. that is totally different playing from you bob.. that is you isn't it? that was a great surprise.. not to hear you blazin through the skies.. that was raga reggae stylings mon.. awesome.. but later i know you'll be flyin.. pascal your music is just lovely.. love the music box like outro.. but those jazz chords on that bassline.. man just too fine.. :-)


Feeding guinea pigs?.... They sound like pretty big guinea pigs Pascal.. heheeee... More like oxen with that beefy bass.. :-) This is a upbeat little number.... Very different... Ohhh, even has an eastern vibe... Maybe the guinea pigs are crossed with camels? Great guitar.. wowee... ehhehe Like it P & B.... Very enjoyable.. :-) Like the fair ground outro.. :-)

Margot Dubois