December 29th, 2008

Wow, Pascal and Leanne, this is an excellent track!! Great lazy feel to the music, and lots of twists and turns that make you wonder what's around the corner. Especially that pause and restart around 3.20. Love the way you have made some fairly standard changes sound original - the bass line is the key to that I reckon, although there's some very un-standard changes in there too, which all work exceptionally well. And that voice is... incredible. Harmonies too. Wonderful work all round. I love it :-)



November 25th, 2009

Fine ballad pascal. I don't know who the vocalist is but she is certainly a major talent. Very enjoyable song.



November 14th, 2009

Wonderful,Pascal and Leanne. this song is so brilliant and wonderful. Goosebumbs are probably unavoidable. Its a pleasure for my heart and soul. Great done...

Respect Peter!

Peter Tamdog

November 2nd, 2009

I just wanted to say thanks Pascal for inviting me to do another song with your master mix's. I am enjoying recording now as I get a little more experienced with my recording equipment. I just wanted to say a big to everyone and thanks for all of your wonderful comments :)

Cheers Leanne Bugat

November 1st, 2009

this is brilliant pascal. what a huge performance and feel to this track. such a beautiful melody that brings a smile and a great feeling. really like the change into the instrumental part at 3:25. a track like this is proof of how music can be more than something for the ears, but also for the heart and soul of life. well done you 2. when things seem down, I will return to this music to turn it around.


November 1th, 2009

This is a beautiful ballad. There's a real symbiosis between Pascal's sound texturing and Leanne's vocals and guitar playing. Very nicely done!


th, 20

What a great collab from my two dear friends! Immediately loved the melodic line, so captivating and well performerd by Leanne with her beautiful voice. Excellent instrumental lines, Pascal, and sweet, delicate guitar playing :D Liked the change from 3'30''. Guys this one is so lovely... My congrats, a great track!


October 25th, 2009

Sehr gut gemacht, arrangiert, gesungen, gemixt. Vocals with feeling. Eine CD nur von Euch beiden - das wäre ein Ohrenschmaus. Der Mittelteil gefällt mir auch sehr gut.


October 25th, 2009

Nice uplifting song and good arrangement and production, Pascal. Interesting bass playing! The song can bear more than a few listenings as I experienced. It even gets better to the ear then! That is surely a good sign. Beautiful vocal harmonies and singing also. Very well done, Pascal! - Thomas.

Thomas Krug

Oktober 25th, 2009

Love the beat Pascal...Cool as can be..great vocal Leanne and together you´ve created yet another great listen..Was a pleasure for me, this Sunday morning.. :-)

peace and love, mags :-)

margot du bois

Oktober 24th, 2009

"Pascal you rascal" ;^)) I like that Carol Sue... Fabulous collab - Leanne really sings with reverence! Especially liked your bass in this Paco - and the atmospheric synths sound like you're taking your time decending from those clouds (heavenly, in other words). Great job on the breaks - kudos to this hit!

~ Bob


Oktober 24th, 2009

Really nice tune. Outstanding production and top notch performance by both of you. Excellent!!!


Oktober 24th, 2009

ooh nice beat pascal.. glad you two have time to come back to earth occaisionally.. this is nice.. :-)