waking up in the middle of the night,
thinking to myself what's it all about?
the goals we reach, are they really all worth while?
do the burdens match the rewards of life?

all across the land you'll find a reason.
from sea to to shining sea on just a notion.
I'm going to climb the mountain to the top,
and find who I am.

reaching for the sky and falling down.
hoping that fate will come around.
I wonder if the clues would make it easier.
if only I knew how they'd be found.

up high upon a mountain,
nothing to steer me wrong.
up high atop the mountain,
yes I've waited for so long.
I'm free to explore it all.

how else could one fulfill their dreams?
by putting aside what really bothers them.
with strength and courage to do what I came to do,
I'll scale the mighty heights of the mountain.

lyrics (c) 2010 by Bob Forbes