More to say

lying there to find you
and take you by surprise
to sell your heart
to those who are “more wiseö

they found how to control you
and taint your every dream
so craftily they mold you
til you’re part of their machine

but I still think you can hear me now
and I remember your name

and I believe that you’re still in there
and you'll find peace just the same

there’s a burning in the distance
and the smoke is growing near
but once you give up all you own
there’s nothing left to fear

walking under the weight of the times
in the heat of the burning sun
they no longer fight to win you
they believe they’ve already won

but I believe that there’s still a way
and I can see where you are

and I believe there’s more to say
and all you seek isn’t far

in the wake of this droning monotony
that keeps you awake in your bed
thru the fire and the smoke and the mirrors
there's still a light up ahead

under siege in a desert of reason
life's a stage and they've staged it well
with the glitter and the flash of the ages
there's nothing left they can't sell

I believe there’s more to say

lyrics (c) 2008 by Mike Lockett