Just as Before

when I sometimes question the condition
we live in and take refuge
in repeated indecision
drive like on fast-moving water
onward the next remission
and it starts all again
when I face destiny's decision

I'm always under the delusion
you'd become estranged from me
doubtfully by constitution
from the bottom of my heart
what's the out of our discussion
do you not see not feel
I'm once again close to deep confusion

sometimes I feel
like a fly in a web
like a game in a leghold trap
and I don't want to know
what anything means anymore
'cause everything's planned out
for ages in advance
I sit on the fence
just as before

the final number in the combination
the final pieces to the puzzle
faces glow with expectation
complaisance from your part
and I have no reservations
many changes will come
at the moment of the confrontation

lyrics (c) 2008 by Minouche