clear skies - young rise
open the day
bright eyes - less wise
colorful array
back in the distance, I retrace my steps

and I dig thru forgotten parts of my heart only to know, what I left long ago

daylight - clear sight
finds me standing here
away from blue light
everything is clear
here in this moment, I'm peering at my steps

and I plow, thru the fallow ground in my heart and I see, what is me?

and every time I look again
I know that what I see is what I am
fresh scrapes - new shapes
thoughts that lie ahead
old lives - new friends
words still to be said
then in the future, I start to plan my steps

and I look, to a coming place in my life, just to see, what I'll be

and with each glance I take again
I know that what I see is what I'll be

lyrics (c) 2009 by Mike Lockett