Dying World

when the warming sun's about to spit frozen breath
and the singing days of birds come to an end
when amor's arrows start to miss their mark
watch the hourglass the sand of time
in its untiring run to the lowest line

listen to the last melodies you still can hear
sighing whisper of deserted fields
before deepest still makes us paralize
soon it will be and tears
pour down from every eye

dance above the dying world
your after-life awaits
you'll be held
from falling blind
in rising dark
by hands the same hands that
tear our world apart

when at mother's breast children starve to death
and all blazing colours of this world turn pale
when blood and fire burst out from inside
and sparrows fall down from the sky
is this our earth on its painful way to die

dance above the dying world
your after-life awaits
and higher in the sky
angel eyes
luminous and kind
take aim at you
to entice your soul away
into eternal life

lyrics (c) 2008 by Minouche