I believe that "Invisible" was among my earliest compostions (around 1992), and there were even the lyrics for the first verse (Minouche modified them for the final version). Well, it should take almost five years more for the arrival of Syngularity. I never forgot the song idea, was even thinking of singing it one day for my own pleasure. The plan for a concrete production came to light in 2010, after getting contacts to fine singers also from the classic rock genre. Bob Forbes was my first choice and he said SURE! My next task - more harmonies, and trying a powerful arrangement with rock orchestra touch. I recruited Minouche for the big rest of the lyrics, because she is a much better writer. Btw, Minouche is quite invisible in the world wide web, but very visible for our mutual friends ;-) I sang the demo, that was funny - but Bob's performance is simply that one I wanted to have for the song, also his fresh guitars -, not easy to sing that masterful in a higher range!