I was flattered by Carol Sue's compliments on our first collaboration fun "In and Out", and she soon asked me to work with her on another song. I didn't want to disappoint this Lady (never could do that! ;-) The mean thing was - I didn't have any idea what should come next! So I tried little concepts that were good for the recycle bin. Then there was this little piano and some tiny sounds... harmonies reminded me of something... Big Ben melody? Well, I just worked on the arrangement and didn't try to be a superficial nincompoop, didn't use majestic bells or something to please that sort of listeners that always want things from me that I won't do for them. Carol Sue liked my draft and provided her personal, warm expression that is so much better than the usual flat radio gaga. Bob Forbes added with his solo for the bridge section some sun to the "rainy London" atmo of the track.