This was not the first time that I have asked a collaborator to create a basic track before I add anything else.My intention was to respect the original sound of an experienced musician like J.O., so this time I really wanted to highlight his special guitar play. The only condition of my part was that the track should have a waltz character this time, and I wanted J.O. to develop some guitars and bass lines. So he did, and he also played the drums, and it sounded great! J.O. gave me the kind permission to edit everything I want, so I cruelly cut sections and transposed parts, added my synths and effects stuff, and suddenly the title idea appeared. Other collaborators would have cancelled the friendship after my job. J.O. even likes the track,so I am very glad. J.O. Simon began to perform when I was a cute boy and he produced many own albums of very different character. He loves to perform catchy rock songs in 60's tradition and to work on experimental studies with the help of acoustic and electronic tools as well. And I really adore his epic progressive pieces for the 21st Century!