I was a fan of Mike's atmospheric rock tracks years before I felt inspired enough to prepare a draft for him, it should have the quality of a deep, dark wave song. That first effort was "More to say". The second collaboration was planned to be an upbeat thing, with definite electronica touch. Working on the basic arrangement was a pain for me. I wasn't happy with the sound choice and percussion and felt that the harmonies were quite simple. At last I tried some work arounds and sent the draft to Mike to see what happen. He took his best microphone and several guitars and added his musicianship, simply from out of this Earth. Minouche played a beautiful keyboard line for the middle section. I love the calculated chaos that Mike and I created at the end of the song. Mike also agreed with the haunting filter drive I did in the end section, to hold the listener back from headbanging. Mean guy I am, but some people understand me ;-)