I met Leanne online 2004 in a music community, and she surprised me when she asked me to work with her on a dance version for one of her songs - "Heal the Child". At that moment it was really a feeling like climbing a mountain, working with such a good singer and in a genre, that I didn't touch so often before. I did a complete new upbeat arrangement, and Leanne added fine vocals for it. I loved to try mixes for several of Leanne's songs, and invited her for more collaborations - "Just a Game" and "Creatures" (both duets with Bob Forbes, and Minouche wrote the lyrics for these tracks). We have never lost contact and in the end I remembered the joy I felt when I added some sounds for her beautiful ballad "True Christmas". So there was the wish to create another touching song with Leanne. "Earthbound" also includes her guitars. Leanne collaborated also with our mutual friend Bob Forbes aka RedEyeC, and I had the pleasure to mix some of these songs. Leanne produced the album "Acoustic Lee", which is still available, and is currently working on new songs. .