I'm glad that Andrea is a "real world friend" and was able to sing her second contribution here. She was brave and patient enough to listen to my mellow demo including my cheesy vocals, and she didn't say "No, thanks!" :-) After listening to her passionate vocal takes it was clear to me that I would have to change the style, so I turned the dreamy character to a compact kind of electronic rock orchestra. Our friend J.O. Simon created already a song before with Minouche's "Dying World" lyrics. We love both versions. Andrea Stüwe started singing in her childhood, worked with many bands in many genres, and also appeared on several indie cd's (including her own album "Stüwe" in 2005). Andrea can change her voice colour and expression effortlessly from tender whispering to heavy passion power (As she did with her third contribution for us - "Cradle of Life"). Sometimes I'm afraid, but I'm a fan ;-)