March 27th, 2008

Hey Pascal, very engaging and complex song where all the details have been carefully thought out and executed. A most wonderful result with big sound, great vocal exchanges and all the playing is spot on. A brilliant production and a grand rock-opera type mentality. Beautiful man!


March 22nd, 2008

What a beautiful song-collab with such fantastic musicians!! Superb production -- Clear as a bell to my ears -- Loving the vocals -- Such feel-emotion -- Background vox -- Yeah -- Add so much --- Really enjoy this piece of -- Big congrats on a terrific song -- Dynamic!!!!


March 22nd, 2008

Excellent!! What a great cinematic track this is. Weaves its way around many genres with great performances. Dig that break at 3:35 the way it swooped into that synth. Multiple listens needed to grasp the whole body of work.... operatic excellence... congrats to all


February 21st, 2008

You have just three songs here pascal but what 3 songs!.. I can hear this again and again my friend.. You and bob together has always been magic for me.. And here together with lee.. It's electra.. Got a nice interlude on stage with bob.. Sounds like loyd webber a bit.. Really like scenes in a rock opera.. A big production number.. Huge cast.. Thousands.. Thanks to you Pascal.. So many voices to be thankful for.. What a marvelous polyphony.. Bob again.. Tenor solo.. Aria.. recitative.. I surely do believe.. Thank you brother..


February 1st, 2008

Pascal, It's SO great to hear your music again!! This song is a work of art: perfect in every way. Superb production. All performances are excellent. A GREAT composition. GREAT WORK!!! Pascal - you're the best!


January 24th, 2008

Always a pleasure.. And this is a good reason why.. Very well produced and a joy to hear.. The vocals are a accent and really push this piece.. Very well composed.. Recommended click for sure.. Have a great evening my friend and take care,

Southern Touch

January 16th, 2008

Very creative track.. Top production... I am your fan.. I do love your all songs...


December 22nd, 2007

Really love 'Creature'. Fine synth playing; very original sounds that are so fluid. The percussives are in the right placement. A brilliant arrangement and production. This song travels along my mind so well; worth many listens. A fave for sure. One of the best. Superb. Take care.


December 20th, 2007

Hey This is a really cool production an arranged track Wild lyrical Story seting off the music, Keep up the good work sounding good Happy Holidays


December 11th, 2007

Great stuff ..Very creative


December 11th, 2007

Yeah, I've said this before about your music, but I'll say it again. I love how you "build up" a song. Very dramatic, and clearly alot of thought and work and love went into this dark creation. The lyrics alone are the stuff of good films, with the added incredibly powerful musical score, there's so much to enjoy, I can't help myself and let it loop a few more times. Really a magical and mysterious piece of music. Thanks so much for sharing this! Peace,


December 5th, 2007

Syng, Dude this is probably the most unique track I have ever heard from your. It has that cinematique edge, intrigue, yes even a little tongue in cheek dauntiness. It's really a song worth pitching to the cinema world.


December 5th, 2007

A very haunting song, to be sure, but it still makes you want to look beyond that next door. This shows a lot of dedication to the craft. Excellent piece of work.


November 26th, 2007

CREATURES features high-class performers, so it follows that "Creatures" should be a high-class performance - and it is! Superb music and perfectly placed quality vocals from everyone. This has the feel of a large Broadway production number. EXCELLENT!


November 24th, 2007

Very daring tune quite original in its conception... Like very much the vocals... Slightly haunting and dark atmo... Also much poetry in that wonderful amazing song... I appreciate it fully and i think one could conceive a dance show on this music like an avant - guard ballet.. ;) Extremely well done for all involved ! Bravo on this collab!


November 23rd, 2007

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on Pascal and Minouche's song "Creatures" - it is a sincere pleasure to work with such great friends, and to have you fine musicians listen and appreciate. Kudos to all of you ;)))


November 23rd, 2007

Hello Pascal, a warm welcome, me as a very great fan of your music it's a great joy to see you her and your first song on INS it's a "Hammer":-) what a combination on styles. You know i like this very. Great vocals and a fantastic arranges song. All in one, it's hot.


November 23rd, 2007

Hi Pascal, yes! I like it. Musical feeling with great power in. And the vocals from Leanne and Bob matches great. Extraordinary work you all have done. The music is first class. And the production is very very good. I have listen to many songs of yours last days: I would like to say to you: You are one of the best musician which is able to make very clean and right masterings. Best success here.


November 23rd, 2007

Impressive production quality as always... stunning! The song is simply beautiful, very interesting and original arrangements! Leanne did an awesome job, great interpretation and Bob sings so nicely in that slow section... Minouche gives her magical touch to the song together with your outstanding musical skill. Pure artistry here, your fantasy and creativity is sublime! My very congrats to you all! And thank you for the download.

Corrado :)

November 23rd, 2007

Beautiful concept, very theatrical. Very different type of track for you. This must be new, fecause i don't remember hearing this one before. Very good drum programming in this. Sounds like a real drummer. The drums are so good, That i think they deserve to come up a bit in the mix. They start off at a good level, and somehow get buried in the track later on. Or perhaps just bring the keyboards down in Some sections where they become a bit top heavy and bury the drums. The thermin sound in particular! The keyboards and effects are great. Kind of a mixture of modern theatrical, mixed old sci fi film. I love the orchestration section where bob sings. Very beautiful. Sounds like halion, or the east west ql gold orchestra sounds. Very pro sounding. Both Leanne and Bob did a great job on this. You've come along way with both you compositions and your productions, since we met on be sonic in 2004. Great stuff. Keep it up.


November 23rd, 2007

Vocals are stellar. Especially the backing vox. I love the use of the varying keys/synths. It is a very unique blend that comes off fantastic. The strings set this song off as a very pro song. Excellent job!


November 23rd, 2007

Very tantalising Pascal. The continual movement in the beats is really neat they do not stand still. Interesting subject behind this one too


November 23rd, 2007

Some cool soulful singing by leanne.. Your music and beats are always fantastic pascal.. and bob is my man on guitar.. Like the breaks.. The background high voice is cool.. Now bobby sings a verse too.. Nice tenor voice B.. Lots of changes in this one.. Many aspects to talk about.. L and B harmonizing a bit.. With all that magnificent swirly music going on in the background.. Wow.. What a cornicopia of sounds.. Like a stage production.. A film score.. Great stuff pascal.. Nice team play.. That's my favorite way..

cheers.. :-)

PS.. Love the album title too.. :-))


November 23rd, 2007

Hi Pascal! Welcome to iMS! I'm really lovin the vocal treatment and the music is awesome. Lyrics are deep and delivered so passionately. An excellent collab and kudos to all performers.