june 23rd, 2008

Great groove on this!
J.O.'s trademark vocals - great! The vocal arrangement is really good... Once again, the production on this shines. This has a Bowie feel to me... I love the change at around the 3:20 mark - how it comes in... Nice guitar solo...
Great ending!
Great track, Pascal - and please tell J.O. I love his work on this!


March 30th, 2008

For some reason they sound familer,something I read perhaps?
Very catchy song, radio friendly. Great vocals from J.O,say hi to him for me :) This is kind of like something Robert Calvert would have done... A song that burrows into the brain and stays there for days!!! Most enjoyable collab all :)


March 30th, 2008

Sly do not know what Snarks means... I am too :)). The music and Uli's vocals matches very well. It could also be a title-movie-song for my taste. I want play this great collab-track on Thursday.


March 29th, 2008

Very unusual and interesting track Pascal..... the kind I'd like to play while driving. Great beat and vocals. Being a "lyrics analiser" type, I'd love to see them posted as I'd get even more out of the song. No worries if not
Good one,


March 29th, 2008

This is a style you don't hear anymore, really tracks of old Depeche Mode music. I am going to buzz over to your site, I would like to hear some more of what you are doing.


March 29th, 2008

Lots of early 80's electronic feels about this track. Reminds me of early Human League. It's been put together well, For me the vocal performance made this track. Nice work


March 29th, 2008

Snarks? No idea what they are.
But this track has a great electro groove and a fun twist too it.


March 28th, 2008

Man, this is the sh1t!!!!! Too funny, But it's pretty darn good, too.


March 28th, 2008

snarks eh?.. I thought they were Smart Narcotics Agents.. true.. very rare indeeed.. Lol.. This reminds me of guns and machines.. Stef's vocals and lyric style.. Love your beat pascal.. It is more than sweet.. Beyond complete.. It would be a red carpet under my feet.. and J.O. you are making lyrics for your english lesson students.. Is that right?.. Scaring the snot out of the little tikes.. YIKES!!!! Great humorous charismatic cinematic symphonic tonic.. Cheers.. :-)


March 28th, 2008

Written like a hymn. Cool rythm and that outstanding percussion. Impressive voices and an very smart arrangement. Really like what you have done.

Congrats from