May 22nd, 2007

A beautiful song, full of original and different musical images and perfectly performed by Leanne, Bob and you, dear Minouche and Pascal. I expecially love the original melodic line and the arrangements (vocal and instrumental): superb!! thumbs up My congrats, it's a real pleasure listening to it! applause


May 26th, 2007

I must say one thing about Bob,- that he has that special unique talent that sometimes is unasumming. A modesty with so much genuine original artistry. He's superb in many ways, and a gentleman, who gives alot to his work and friends. Thanks Bob. Minouche has been a wonder to me ever since I heard Miouche's music at Indie. I was blown away by the incredible originality. Very professional unique music. Great group of artists; could not get much better as these artists.


May 25th, 2007

"Just a Game" is a beautiful song ... I like the lyrics and the both vocals are very fine as well... Tasty crafted siong... Very good MIX. Congrats on this great collab !