June 23rd, 2008

Ah yes... Love the intro! Then, enter Markus' vocals: strong character and strong lyrics. All sits so nice in the mix... I love the chord bed on this. Strong arrangement and crystal clear production. Congratulations to both of you: this is an excellent track, performed superbly!


April 2nd, 2008

One of my favorite singers was Ian Anderson. This singer has a similar voice. Good, steady, masculine voice that carries this song. This isn't just a song. It's a journey with musical guides. I just wish i knew how you did it. Very fine work.


April 2nd, 2008

This sends me of into a colage of different pictures of landscapes, outerspace and underwater. Super sound. And thanks for the review of Daydreaming.

Peace Papi

February 28th, 2008

Ah - Pascal and Markus - cool tune here! Reminds me just a bit of "Tears For Fears", especially the vocals. Great percussion track - and well arranged with parts coming in and going out. Excellent collab gentlemen!!

Cheers, Bob (RedEyeC)

February 21st, 2008

Never heard this one before, Pascal! Another musical pearl from you, my friend. Loved that Electro-Pop mood... Markus is great, interesting sounding and strong interpretation (reminds me of Howard Jones sometimes). Melodic line beautiful, the song flows nicely... smooth and captivating. Liked very much the arrangements and the effects, very very well done. Production impressive, absolutely perfect! Top notch as always, my very congrats for this outstanding collaboration! I run to download it, my friend, thank you!!

Corrado :)

February 20th, 2008

Been too long since I've caught up with Pascal. I fell in love with his and Minouche's music at mixposure and whooped with delight when I saw he had posted here. This is a wonderful combination of voice and synth. Markus' voice is sensational. The lyrics have a really haunting almost "folk" feel to them but the track is just loaded with atmosphere. Absolutely gorgeous work.


February 20th, 2008

Pascal, this is awesome, the music you created and the vocals just shine. The sound is smooth and has a reserved power that can be felt in the performance.


February 20th, 2008

You've challenge taking the best of cold wave mood, without drowning into an emphatic style: Less effect and more life. Every sound serves the voice and lyrics, and the vox is human!


February 20th, 2008

Great track! Love the sounds and melodys! Production and performance is excellent. Christer


February 20th, 2008

You know how happy it makes me feel to see syngularities new song on the front page.. Markus sounds great here Pascal.. you have given him an absolutely gorgeous beat and melodies of harmonies to work with.. great Markus.. my favorite from you.. wonderful expressive lyrics man.. But us native speakers to shame.. you guys pascalito.. AWESOME.. What a track brother.. The growth behind the singer.. Branching out the harmonies and chordal colors.. This is maybe one of the best electronic songs.. no.. symphony.. I've ever heard Pascal.. WORD! download? thank you.. :-)


February 20th, 2008

OK... Not evey often do i review an Artist to get one back. This is one of these times. And its because I have one I think you may Enjoy and understand where it came from. And I hope after you hear it, you understand why i ask YOU to listen... there's a handful of artist i want to hear this. YOU are one of them... :) So, when time allows listen to (DEEP SLEEP)... NOW THAT THAT IS OUT OF THE WAY... :) WOW... Love the into. Vocals are SOOOO good man! Panning on the Key? PERFECT.. LOVE The hard left keys... Sweet!!!! GREAT MIX MAN!... There's a Flow here in this, it takes me with you. I'm following the whole song, to the end... GREAT JOB... GREAT COLLAB!... VOCALS stand out. Smooth music. DACE>