I see creatures
Wailing creatures
In the nighttime streets

I see nightmares
Gruesome nightmares
Slippery as an eel

I see things

I see devils
Evil devils
But looks aren't everything

I see things
Frightful things

When the sun goes down
When the moon grows round
I see things

They're coming from a galaxy
So strange so far away
They're coming from another world
And keep late hours everyday
But mankind will survive

I see people
Stupid people
In the daytime streets

I see faces
Like faint traces
They're really somebody

I see things

I see creatures
Human creatures
Gain the lion's share

I see things
Frightful things

When the sun shines bright
When the moon is tired

I see things

That is the way the cookies crumble
Turn tail and run away
Foolery has no expiration date
It keeps late hours everyday
Soon's mankind history

(c) Minouche