Amaranta (Yours Forever)

I am home again
Home again

I was lost at sea
You came after me
And now I'm yours forever

Yours forever

I remember
How you held me in your arms
After all the darkened hours

I didn't wanna let go
Why did i let you go
All the pain that we have shared
Could have all being spared

Why did i let you go

But i'm home again
I can love again
And i'm yours i'm yours forever
This rebel is ready to hold true love

Yours forever

Stand in glory
Write the story

Of the million miles
You walked with me
When you could have just walked away

You could have just walked away

You walked with me

I'm back in your arms
And I'll never leave again

I'm yours forever
I'm yours i'm yours
My loving angel...

(c) 2007 by Shane O'Brien