Doing this song has been one of those landmark, memorable events in a music artist's life.
It began when I was listening to tracks over at SYNGULARITY's page. I listened to his composition; Amaranta, and soon realised that for my tastes, a totally loveable orchestration was there. Pascal's composing of instrument voices, the percussion and the note/chord sequences was reaching me. Pascal agreed to let me write a vocal to the track, giving me the freedom to adapt the music as desired.

Thus the music you hear is Pascal's original soundtrack, to which I have added lyrics and vocals. I also have added some acqustic guitar riffs near the beginning and some electric guitar leads. I was aiming to get a sound similar to Alan Parson's music in the electric guitar.

When I had put the first few lines of lyric over the music, I let my friend Ladyl33ta hear it. Her response back was; 'from the words it sounds like you were abducted by a mermaid.' I was entertained by her comment and gave it no more thought. But as the song unfolded, this thought took hold and grew as if it were a reality.

The song that I wrote came as if linked inseparably to a fantasy story, outlined as follows:
Amaranta is a lovely mermaid. In the story a man is cast helplessly into the sea as the giant waves of a storm dash his ship apart. Drowning is emminent, after losing consciousness a mermaid rescues him, but she also abducts him as she loved him at first sight.

The man lives for years with Amaranta and together they are madly in love. But then, he begins to miss his old civilization and the desire to return knaws away at him until finally, he tells Amaranta that he must leave. But she cannot exist in that world. The man tears himself away from beloved Amaranta.

After years of sojourne in the civilized world, the man realizes that all he really wants, is the very thing he let go - to be with Amaranta. She appears to him in dreams, and seems to somehow be with him in his walk of life. He tries to find her, however it is sheer impossible. He finally decides that if he can't be with Amaranta, he wants to live no more. He figures out a last hope of getting back to her.

He acquires an old boat, plans a trip at sea to the same region of his disaster many years ago. At the time of year when severe storms are likely he goes out there and with a couple weeks supply of food, waits for a storm. One night a raging storm occurs. Mountain waves again thrust him to the sea and destroy his boat. And I know it's cheesy and cliche'd, but Amaranta does again save him- and they are together again.

It's interesting that when Pascal created his soundscape of this track, he chose to add the sound of the surf. For me the whole, mermaid/sea story thing occured totally unrelated to that item in the music. Only after it was all done did I suddenly see how fitting it is for that sound to be there.

I am posting this track today because Tealish, here on IMW has been kind and listened to my music. I went to see her page and noted her comment about 'mermaids', so i thought posting this track might be in some small way, a means of saying thanks.

Special thanks also to Syngularity (Pascal).