March 30th, 2006

Velma's vocals are the effects you used on them...lyrics are cool...I'm in love with the bass and percussions here...

March 19th, 2006

cool song!! i have also a song named the truth!!

December 15th, 2005

OK B$ I review this, I really like this guys stuff, so I kinda expect to like this too. No suprise, I do. This is clever stuff. Its vast, but it fits in my Ipod. This is how electronic music should be...challenging, deep, thoughtful and hey, good. Love the vocals, nice and spacey. If I was off to outerspace, this could keep me company as I watched the earth gently spin on its axel.......damn good

October 17th, 2005

EmoTioNaL JouRnEy YoU TaKe Us ON ...

WheN I LisTeN To YoU I AlwaYs NoTiCe The ColOurs YoU UsE ...

LiGhT anD DarK ...

LovE ThE VoX ...


September 15th, 2005

This is wonderful!. Great melody topped off by an amazing vocalist. A real treat. :)

August 24rd, 2005

Pretty, vocals are great again. The music is outstanding. You have true talent, I can't believe I have not listened before. I was really missing out. I enjoyed the synth in this one alot.

August 13th, 2005

The Truth.... Wow this is such a cool composition... Orchestration arrangement haunting... And the vocal well splendiferous thats the truth... thanks


August 5th, 2005


Velma's outstanding vocals are based on a New Age kind of soundtrack. All instruments sound very good, especially the bass, that has a little solo at 2:43. Reminds me of the great Mike Oldfield productions. It's very professional.

June 6th, 2005

Love the vocal of Velma Frye and the lyrics by Macrina Weiderkehr. The almost india theme bring me the height of this sensational piece.

The truth is it will be more enchanting and more inspiring if you add more backing vocals like AR, AR, ARARAR...... This is definitely a beautiful tune with a twist of newage value.

February 15th, 2005

This piece is really got something going for it.The drum groove is working very well,Ilike the rest points a lot[allows for more dynamic entrys!]The bass line cruises along well,I did think it could have traveled a few other places,but whats there is fine in itself.The chant is exellant affirmation work,I like this lady!There were a few things that came to mind that may have improved the sterio image movement a little,but that always happens to me,I just cant help twiddling with things.All in all a great piece of work

February 4rd, 2005

Excellent instrumentation woven throughout this song with a perfect balance and mix.

Haunting vocals kind of drape themselves over the musical landscape and enhance the listening experience.

January 31st, 2005

my review about "Listen Listen Listen" to use it for this song: another wonderful song with Velma Frey on vocals(with great harmony vocals and effects!), a crystal clear production and brilliant instrumentation, awesome!

January 9th, 2005

I think this is the only 10 10 10 10 song ive given! Great! Keep it up!!

January 8th, 2005

It is the voice which has a transparent and beautiful feeling very much. It is singing very gently for me and has the miraculous power of language. It is music with a very wonderful atmosphere. The acoustic musicals is also effective for voical. Great!!

January 7th, 2005

The Truth is....Your music is WONDERFUL! This song is beautifully constructed! The vocals sound like they are sung by a Heavenly Angel! I am a Huge Fan of Your Music! :)

January 7th, 2005

The truth is a beautifull piece of music in the genre of New Age. The great voice of Velma Frye, and the lyrics by Macrina Weiderkehr, made it enter in a dimension of glamour, that is so enriched by exotic elements, and singular keyboards, spreading the truth all over your senses! The Truth is always somewhere...

January 1st, 2005

love the riffs in and out of the intersecting layers of music.....

December 31st, 2004

Stunning soundscape...interesting chant. Congas - nice touch! My kind of flow - liberated. Everything working together symphonically - as in God's world...even if we can't "see" it with our own eyes.

Love it...

December 31st, 2004

Pascal I adore all of your work, and this song is another piece of sonic ear candy, The lyric is so positive and the music and ambience very beautiful. The layers and movement are captivating, and perfect production ..Velma has the voice of an angel..and the clever use of vocals is brilliant, as is this pretty song.

December 31st, 2004

Real nice vocals on this one. The melody is great and in "round" fashion. Good production too. A good song overall!!!!

December 31st, 2004

This is one smooth song. The vocals and rhythms flow like the spring water off a high mountain..clean, clear and tasty.. The arrangment is great..Overall...candy for the ears and delightful images for the mind...

December 30th, 2004

Great Song!!!! Your are a very good Producent!!!!!!

December 30th, 2004

This is a nice blend of popular-type vocals with electronic bed of music. Music playing is tight and vocals have good tone. I like the complexity of the arrangement within the simple progression - effective and well written.

December 27th, 2004

To be amazed by this artist. Singularitys' "The Turth" is a collaboration of epic proportions. Velma Frye's awesome voice along with Pascals electronica finesse and great production work truly make this a track worth listening to.

December 26th, 2004

This is a GREAT collaboration! Velma's 'beautiful' voice...pieced with Pascal's breath takeing music & production. This is a song you deff shouldn't pass up! I adore this track. Hugs Pascal for makeing such wonderful music! The emotion your put into your work really shines through.

December 26th, 2004

a wonderful production.The vox of Velma let me fly high above the clouds

December 25th, 2004

Velma's voice swirls over this hipnotic bass line hook with the precision of a magestic queen of the cosmos. Pascal cooks up another feast of synth textures and percussive elements to serve us "The Truth". Truly inspiring!!!

December 25th, 2004

"The Truth" is one of the best pieces of music which has heard my ear. Varied, but full of harmony and quiet. The singer is magnificent and no singer will be able to sing "The Truth" better than Velma. Syngularity is a natural prodigy! Thanks for all your good music!

December 24rd, 2004

Like rotcod said I could listen to intro for another 30 sec. This is my favorite song Pascal out the four... Great mix and production...I like the way you reorded the vocals.... It's the intro man...

December 24rd, 2004

...though the intro might have been a tad longer, it still segued beautifully into the vocal, & the other sounds you've got weaving through the composition.

Sounds like it could be the "anthem" for some kind of tribal ceremony, looking up to the sky to herald the "arrival"?

This gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who love well put-together music everywhere.