December 14rd, 2006

the intro has a great build. this is pure professional. wow. Loren

November 9th, 2006


Great synths work and amazing production as usual, Pascal! The Delay Lama works perfectly here, in a very funny, cool way!! Very very nice melodies and a catchy rhythmical support, this song gives me energy and positive feelings. The theme is very enjoyable, cool. Great, interesting arrangement and the production professional as I said before. Well done, Pascal! And thanks for the download: tomorrow my iPod will be delighted to play this song! Cheers, Corrado

September 4rd, 2006

Ah the Delay Lama... I have that plug in,but I have no midi to trigger it :( Once again another voyage in sound. Liked the pic ---> :) Really does feel like a steam train journey amoungst the stars. Wonderful musicianship and production as always. Great imagination,and the Lama worked a treat Pascal. Most enjoyable. Nigel.

August 2nd, 2006


Starting and ending with a sort of flangered locomotive bell and pad atmosphere with electronic drums that builds the base for interesting arpeggios and melodies played by synths. The vocal-like sounding synth following the intro is great. This music has elements of humor. It must be mentioned that Pascal is a great composer of modern electronic music. He has his own style and his musical genius gives us always a special entertainment. This is a journey en passant that's a pleasure to listen to.

August 2nd, 2006

Hello Syngularity, I'm writing this review for the fourth time (ohhh, those necessary fields), so I'll try to reproduce all my thoughts... again.

Firstly, to say that this type of elecronic music is my favourite, maybe because "En Passant" somehow reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis - and especially the atmosphere these two composers "put" in their music. So is here - this is a track charged with mood and atmopshere, very unique, with sound more than OK and good melody. The whole thing is not boring - it is very interesting and 100% variegated.

As for Delay Lama - a good VST plugin, I used it too in some of my first tracks (maybe I'll put the best of which here).

And finally, an opinion of mine - I think that you can put a part in the end where only the voice, bass and a special groovy-and-rockin' drum and bass rhythm are present. This will surprise the listeners, because the styles do not have much in common. Then, after this part, comes the original end... with the dnb rhythms going to left/right channels with much effects. I think you can make such a remix, if you want to, of course :)

A very nice track! Best wishes, George.

July 22nd, 2006


Long time :)

I'll be honest...the first thing I imagined from this music was not specialized chess moves, but thats not a problem :)

Some great melody and mixing of sounds in this song. Very proffessional and a unique sound. YOu are "singuled" out as a unique musician for sure!

At 1:04 there is a cool bridge. ME LIKE!

Keep up the good stuff! See ya around the bend!

July 18th, 2006


EN PASSANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Donīt know why, but when I first listened to this song on the 7.02 I didnīt like it. Which is why itīs taken me until now to review it. Iīve heard it on RS Cainīs radio show several times now, and itīs kind of grown on me, and I like it now. lol I think it was the melody that got me. Very nice melody and good choice of sound. So, whatever else I didnīt like, the melody totally won me over. :) Great melody.

July 15th, 2006

I am thinking I should take a long drive. You know.. those ones you used to take just for the hell of it when you were younger.

It's great when music can take you somewhere. And you have achieved that.


July 13th, 2006

Very cool, very laid back. The melodies are terrific, as well as your "beat", I guess you would call it. All the instrumentation is very interesting, I'm not too familiar with this type of music, but it's very soothing and I love how all the instruments blend together.

July 8th, 2006



July 6th, 2006

Once I hear the little motif "ggggffggd" I am in love with this song and have eyes or ears for nothing else. The train passes through the station and the excitement takes me back to standing as close to the edge of the platform as I dare.

It carries my heart with it as it sails along at speed. Those are not really voices that I'm hearing, just the engine singing joyously because it knows where it's going - it has a job to do.

Through the rattle of steel on steel, steam sizzling, sirens blaring, whistles and bells, I start to hear music in the patterns of the machinery. I am tied to that urgent little tune as it dances around my brain - I cannot escape, and I don't want to.

Zeitgeist 1950 - when trains were the Force Majeure. Respects Jilly.

July 6th, 2006


Aye mi amigo - trying to sneek this one past me... ; ))) Love the happy beat going on here, it is cheering me up as I write - and that bass line is awesome Paco! Very creative composition that shows forth your expertise! I am adding to my favorites to keep my friend! Have a wonderful day!

Cheers, Bob

July 6th, 2006

Hi Pascal, another strong song with some of your signature type melodies on top of a superb canvas. Ofcourse, production is top..


July 5th, 2006

really a cool expansive big track. This must have been fun putting together. I like that change at 1:40 too. Interesting stuff going on. I would say, En Route however:) Tim

July 5th, 2006

Excellent electronic music !!!

The dynamics is very good and the "rendering" of a train running is awesome in this tune !!!

I know it is difficult to create such dynamics and special sounds because for my song " Wild Horse" where i had to create and to render the gallop of a wild horse , i nearly got a migrain for crafting all that together ...:)

Excellent tune !!!

Thumbs up !!

Greetz, Alexis;)

July 5th, 2006


Very nice combination of sounds. I love to find new VSTs and experiment too! I like the way this song seems to tell a story. Excellent production!

July 4rd, 2006


I have still much to learn. During the listening I think - your track is perfect arranged. But I never give up. Wonderful changes makes this song to a interesting peace of music. In the past I also had Delay Lama and I did not know what I should do with it. But now .... I only can say: Really good used. Much music and a great recording I am listening. So I like it very much you know it. Also I like your phantastic breaks in your songs.

July 4rd, 2006

awesome track..... keeps you listening.... nice harmonies...... great mix..... I like it.......

Best Regards, EMKAY

P.S. I'd be glad if you could take some time to listen to my song, I go by the name of EMKAY

July 3th, 2006


This is a wonderful piece of music. The main melody brings such a smile to my face....not a laugh but a smile. It sort of feels like everyone in the world has decided at the one time to whistle a beautiful melody. Love the way the track flies off in different directions surprised me with the 1:40 change but keeps returning to that wonderful main motif.

Gorgeous work, Pascal. Love it. 4x

July 3th, 2006

we need to get u in the EMW tune. That would work for me. Great synth and groove. production outstanding as always. really cool track and use of efx. Vocal thing is awesome. Well done my friend!

July 3th, 2006

It is a true joy again and again to hear this music.

This Artist is a sea of inspiration. One senses the musical passion.

It´s fantastic , the energie, the emotion the musical varirty of this song.

Great muisic.

All The Best Sven

July 3th, 2006

When I read rapster´s review of this song of yours I just knew I was gonna be in for a fabulous ride .... Oh my god... Even better than I was expecting, this is a wonderful treat for the listener...Uplifting, inspiring and pleasing beyond pleasure itself....

Nice work Pascal...:-)

of course you get the mix pix treatment...Hey everyone!! This comes highly recommended..:-)

Luv Mags xx :-) ehhe..:-)

July 3th, 2006


and blew my mind... another absolute masterpiece from you pascal... it's got so much in it... nice melodiues, great synths... textures... harmonies... beats... bass... that section starting around 1:45 is awesome... like that main theme that keeps re-emerging too... 4:02 of listening pleasure... like the brushes on the snare intro with retro sounding synth... then comes the first entry of that theme... then that cool bassline and snare smackin... at 1:32 the break and then that geile bassline starting the "aborigine" section at 1:40... this is just so fun and musically impressive... every time that theme comes back it's stronger... going to have that in my head all day my friend... nice how you extend from there to the end... that theme is awesome baby... glad we can still loop on the songs... this one is my review #700... wanted a special song and you gave it to me big time... thank you 4x

July 2nd, 2006

Great wall of sound from this number here..everything fits together well and took me on a small journey like I bet you invisioned it to do..Great job!!! peace out...

July 2nd, 2006

Nice kick in the intro there coupled with a rather mild synth but works together. Like the melodic synths and the beats too. Yet another awe inspiring tune from you buddy, wouldn´t expect anything less. Great breaks in between and the way it changes and transforms is top class Respect to yer IP

July 2nd, 2006


"En Passant" - fancy.

A veritable smorgas/chess board of sound here with much movement and vitality. Especially love those aboriginal/futuristic "voices"!

I'd have to say that you're at the top of your game with "En Passant."