February 11st, 2007


Hi Pascal, I liked to stop here and listen to this great song. Full of many colors and sections that make this very interesting...very cinematic. Catchy drums line and very enjoyable piano playing. Melodies interesting, sweet and so different at the same time; cool dynamics and use of effects! The final hook is amazing, so JMJarre-ish and "opulent"...then that beautiful last orchestral part!! My congrats to you and Minouche, the arrangement is impressive, interesting and original, great!! Production absolutely perfect as usual. What else... 4xyes and thanks for the download!! Cheers, Corrado :-)

January 22nd, 2007

you have an excellent ear for what works and a talent to match when you put songs together. i don't know how you do it, but this is amazing to this old man. Loren

September 13th, 2006

Hello, Singularity and Minouche!

With the first glance of the name of the track, I already decided to listen to it (the other collaboration work I heard was really a masterpiece). Now, listening to it for the second time, I'll write my review (some kind of a comeback :))


Okay, the atmosphere of this track is really amazing. All the pads, orchestra and the beautiful guitar, combined with the dark beats contribute to a nice industrial sound; the effects and electronics are really nice and personally I felt in some kind of a sci-fi world, walking in a heated desert towards the sun...


I can't say nothing wrong here. Maybe I disliked the beats coming up in 4:08 (too techno-like?), but everything else is made just in a professional way.


The whole track is highly, highly, highly varied - with all the mellodies, synths, basslines, beats and everything else - here the listener simply cannot make out what is coming up next - everything is made in such a varied way, so each second we hear something new and very groovy.

As a whole, First slice is a very nice track, throwing you deeply in the mood - so I can give you just one advice - close your eyes and just listen.

Greetings, Chant

July 3th, 2006

This track brings me to a place in time where I didnt want to leave..even though I had to. great piano melody...if a movie is ever made on my life.. ( lol ) I would want this track to be in a particular scene that reflects how it feels to me.. great work and a great wall of sound! thanx for the sweet journy to the corner of my mind! peace to you Pascal!

June 24rd, 2006


Nice panning implementation! I love the pads combined with the piano coalescing into a melodic harmony of synths and instruments. The sax seemed ok I guess simply because it was a unique turn for electronic soundtrack pieces. In my opinion it seemed to distract from the ethereal vibe you have going on in this expansive track of wonders and mysteries. But it was short enough not to divert your attention away from the aural sway of strings and pads.

All in all, nice rendition of a beautifully mastered work of art!

June 21st, 2006

Deep space to me arriving touchdown on a planet of mystery yet feeling no fear. Wondering what to expect next. A fulfilling journey of lifes oohs and awes, sort of like when a person was young and intrigued by all that life seemed to offer. Nice!

June 6th, 2006


I like the interesting beginning in this one.

Also the part that starts at 0.22 is very nice.

The melody kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy games.

Also the drums and percs work well with the track :)

I really enjoyed this track. Nicely done.

May 25th, 2006

Great film score stuff ! The potential for great things is evident ! Brilliant, even a touch of Tangerine Dream in there somewhere-No bad thing.

May 25th, 2006

Wonderful production! So much beauty is held in one song. As I listen to this I am taken on a wonderful journey. Adding this to my favorites.

May 20th, 2006

A superb track. Great melody and it's all mixed very well. This should make a fine soundtrack. So many fine ideas and subtle stuff. I enjoy the use of the stereofield and the the end of this song is just so beautifull!


May 19th, 2006


Superb piano and touching strings...!

Nice beat when it comes in and the song takes flight...!

Very nice elelments in this one...shows your expertise!


May 18th, 2006



May 16th, 2006


Very beautiful in every way...

Really like the "great distance"feel to the way it is mixed.Gives it a very large 'feel'. Wonderful to listen and to chill by... Thanks very much........ greets..........Texas Jake


May 16th, 2006

This is a fabulous piece of surround sound Pascal..:-) Must be a soundtrack waiting to be discovered...Dynamic and compelling...Wonderful...:-)

Luv mags xx :-)

May 16th, 2006


Minouche has sensational taste in music! A romantic interlude with angelic waves flowing through it. Interesting ending ; )) Add Pascal to spice it up and you have a masterpiece! Awesome work by 2 super people!

Cheers My Friends!


May 15th, 2006

The Master is back. Wonderfull song with many great styles. A true masterpiece with all facets.

The first section gives harmony and relaxing feelings, the second part are great dynamic and powerly and the end section is fantasic movie sound.

What a great composed and produced work. I like the diversified topic of this track.

Great and fantastic Work


May 15th, 2006


Minouche has come up with an irresistible melody. Really enticing intro with lush strings and gorgeous sounding piano. Like the gradual pick up of the beat and the synth washes and the reentry of the piano. Really like the change at 2:03 and its resolution into the next powerful section. Great sounding drums in there. The sax sounds fine, but would prefer Alexis or Rocco in there (lol).

The arpeggiated piano is really lovely and is enhanced by the synth sounds and the sporadic beats. The kick up on the beat heralds a wonderful section of crescendo with the return of that irresistible melody. The outro is intriguing. Wonderful bass lines countering a harpsichord....delicious.

I stand in awe of you. Wonderful work.

May 15th, 2006

and the track that surrounds it is also cool.

Nice string arranged to compliment the piano lines/melody and the drums are also well concieved.Kinda drum n bass almost.

A sound collage.

Beautifully done ,love the glimpse of sine waves at 03.40 which are just washing in and out.Excellent synth strings following to ,most impressive harp !!!!!!!!!!! swell.

Great track x4 from the daytona Team.

May 14rd, 2006

hi my friend. Very cool melody and some excellent production. intro just snatches in to this soundscape. some evry nice work. like the groove. I dig this! MPx4.

May 14rd, 2006

Hey Pascal!

I'll start with a request: 2:26 - 2:45. I'd LOVE to have a shot at throwing in some seriously heavy analog guitar into that, man! And it'd be SUPER COOL to have RedEyedC do some of his beautiful lingering harmonics over top! Mixed right It'd just blow the roof of it!

Now on to the review. This song is fantastic. I get more each time I review your work that you'll convert me from being a metal guy to electronic music!

You kill my normal sense of electronic music. I usually accept it, but you have a special ability to really get me.

Again, great stuff! You floor me!