November 28th, 2006


not sure how i missed this one, Pascalito!!!

it definatley is an amazing track on it's own!!! full of feeling and emotion...and yes, romantic.

i love the sound of the ocean....the fx....AND the melodic flute (?).

this swirls itself around and embraces me...i do love it!!!

once again, i apologise for missing this one. i am however, glad it was brought back for us to enjoy with Shane's lyrics and vocals.

cheers, love! tamera xxx

November 25th, 2006


in one of my sulks when you uploaded this. I wanted to hear the original again before reviewing Shane's and saw I hadn't already reviewed it.

Its very beautiful indeed and the visual....well :-)

Lovely melody and full of the emotional music that proves Syngularity can "do emotion" without vocal. So now, totally impressed and sorry to be late reviewing...onto the amazing Shane.


November 20th, 2006

It's the initial chord progression here thats a winner in my universe-- and of course the rest of the music.

October 15th, 2006

your work never ceases to amaze me. this one has a playful and mischevous sound to it. gorgeous pads, powerful, piulsing percussion, and melodic fretless bass, an awesome production. bravo! 4x fo sho

July 19th, 2006

This has become my instant favorite! What a great piece. Melody, arps, buildup, development - superb! Great production, transparent yet dense sound. It takes a true master to achieve this sonic quality. BTW, thank you for your kind review of my humble musical effort.

May 27th, 2006

What a clear and good sound. Anather great work of "my" master of electro music. Fantastic relaxing music with great emotional message.

The linear builds of this song is exemplary. A sound-world them evened out and full of harmony is.

Brilliant sounds and exellent arranged. deep bow for a great artist

Wish you all time the Best Sven

December 28th, 2005


Very nice intro, with the Waves breaking on the shore line, Loads of echo, and some Serious Panning, Creates a nice Ambience and Mood, Good percussion and Bass line, holds this together nicely, Really like the Synth Melody and sub melody line, "Very Relaxing" Especially like the Atmospheric FXs, and the Synth String passage, gives it a good feel and a lot of Depth, Excellent Production, and a "Pleasure To Listen Too"

December 2nd, 2005

Strange oceanic wave and arpeggio random select bounced off the echo melody that appears, balanced by the backdrop string passages....and the subtle bass line that is the presence is superb in it's layering in the sonic churns of synth fills in and out of passage xchanges...melody flavored by different voies is way cool...nice outro...-Austn

November 23th, 2005

Very sharp crisp sound. Great mix and production is perfect. Great changes and movement throughout the entire piece.

November 23th, 2005

Thats what i love about your music. The picture it paints and the story within the music. Has such a nice melodic feel and the sound effects really make it shine.

September 14rd, 2005

where do these ideas come from? and the sounds and tones? i guess i'm too old to understand all this tech stuff. real nice mix and music, and way over my head. fine piece. Loren

June 14rd, 2005

...sound-ambiente in a perfect song...superb mix.....i love it...Frank, F.D.Project

June 1st, 2005

I like your music very much, Syngularity. Is fantastic. Amaranta, "tiene expresión, el lenguaje del mar en un juego de colores" A good work and a good production. Great!

March 29th, 2005

the strings really add atmoshere to the sequence. nice breaks and sound placement

February 19th, 2005

I remember reviewing this at Besonic. This is indeed one of your "classics". Rather retro in style it is well produced and has a cool oceanic chillout feel to it. Nice strings in the background and a strong melody make this track a memorable experience.

February 15th, 2005

I love your style! You are a true talent in every sense of the word! Your music inspires me! It is so flawless. The transitions are so smooth and meaningful! This song makes me feel like I on a warm beach far away on a distant land, without a care in the world! It is very calming! I appreciate all of your efforts, and continue to be a fan!

February 7th, 2005

i'm not into this style of music much. but i'm reviewing every chance i get!

February 5th, 2005

Beautiful New Age song!! I like all...Noithing else to say. Fantastic!!

February 1st, 2005

Nice mix...I like the bouncy synth and the soft handclaps in the intro. Starts off very soft and progresses into something very symphonic(hope that's spelled rite!), and and moody. Great big sound in this. You are a great composer!

January 29th, 2005

Heh, as I was listening to this, I began to get IMs and forgot about it, and it looped like 7 times. That means it's good and not at all irritating. I like it... Sort of should play it whenever I chat!

January 28th, 2005

very very good music!! respect!

January 25th, 2005

Tge recording quality is excellent! This track sounds really great in my speakers... Some Vangelis influence, I think...maybe Mike Oldfield. The sounds are very pleasant. Congrats!

January 25th, 2005

This track has an almost Genesis feel to. A track that moves through different phases, a feeling of coastal calm and late summer after a busy season, I know that feeling living in a coastal resort. Again, fine production as you would come to expect from Pascal, faultless choice of synth sounds and a wonderful composition.

January 21st, 2005

One of my favorite plays of your music. Is also excellently suitable as film music as I have stated. I listen to the music and see many beautiful loving pictures in front of me.The music resurrects dreams and relaxing into. Excellent music with the best performance.

January 17th, 2005

This is so wonderfull, I can feel the water..Syngualrity can create feelings and textures in music as well as sound The contrasting elements are excellent. he is a truly gifted artist. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

January 17th, 2005

Extremely well-crafted work. No wonder it was a front-page BeSonic feature.

What clarity and depth - like a diamond!

Quality production - quality everywhere on this track.

A great listening experience.

January 8th, 2005

It begins from marine scenery. It has a very nostalgic feeling from the sounds of synth. I imagined the winter from the sequence phrase and tone of a minor scale. But this track changed an alive mood and I felt that I'm seeing the sky which spreads to anywhere. Great!!

January 7th, 2005

This tune grooves! One of my favorites. Melodic...pulsating...moving through Einstein's relativistic universe. Space/Time utilized very well here. Another great Syngularity composition!

January 6th, 2005

This piece has a great intro. From there it adds lots of great loops and effects that give this song a ton of depth. The change a minute and a half is a perfect bridge to keep the listener interested. The build in the beats is awesome. I like the pan style flute effects over the main key melody. All the water type effects are kick ass as well! Great Track, sometimes you just cant beat the classics!