January 3th, 2007

And the music itself is very moving wrought with emotion and very beautiful. Lots going on here. Most importantly it compliments the merlot I'm sipping . An excellent composition. I like it. Salute!


November 22nd, 2006

You have the knack to create excellence inside your songs. Have you thought about movie soundtracks. Love the guitar which sounds like it was done with keys. Awesome atmosphere, really keeps you engage at all times.

November 16th, 2006

Glad you did'nt give up music. Something i fight all the time, so i understand that. This is just to great man. The best keyboards iv heard in a long time. Nice, Nice mix man. Everything is right here to me. This is just super great music man. LOVE IT.. DL time man.. Got to have this in my studio.. Enjoyed big time.... MIXPIX... DACE>>

November 10th, 2006

Images from Elsewhere is a neat little sound adventure that does take the listener on something of a journey, (bit like a mysterious train ride), into new, uncharted territory... Love the Tangerine Dream-ish sound to this, made all the more so my your clever guitarwork and other instrumentation. A fascinating experience to review.

November 3th, 2006

good tune....

October 20th, 2006

A very pro and seasoned track, jam packed with emotion and skill..well done! :-)

October 12nd, 2006


Hi Pascal, great song man! I love the arrangement (you have a talent about that, and not only...) so interesting and original, lots of different musical sections all perfectly developed and blended togheter: my congrats. Melody cool, I like that bass pedal, and the moog-lead sound is beautiful: warm and with a very nice delay. Production awesome, impressive, professional! A great work! A beautiful instrumental song, I really enjoyed!

Cheeers, Corrado :)

October 10th, 2006

Great production, and a sea of change that runs right thought the track - every other second I hear something different, texture, melody, highlight, lowlight, spotlight... wonderfully engineered. That sounds GOOD !!!

May 2nd, 2006

Great setting and textures in this track, excellent production. I love the guitar and bass line, this is a very complex job, congratulations.
It's Perfect !

All the best.

May 2nd, 2006

first of all thank you for taking the time to review 3 of my tracks on CHOLE my real name is KEZIA.....

This song is has a very "enya" like feel to it...very good in a soundtrack... and has a real 80s flair when the guitar comes in.... the production is faultless and crystal clear weldone

April 26th, 2006


Man cool sounds almost has a live instrument feel very well done great plucks and percussion sounds great. very moving piece. so you were thinking about giving up music huh well man that would be a shame you are quite talented. Nice track

April 26th, 2006

This song is really fine...the way you mix is definitely a winner.

Yu change up the rhythms and keep the ear interested in what is happening.

Good one


April 24rd, 2006

Hi Pascal,

This is a truely beautiful piece! I love the guitar work, how it melts and blends so perfectly throughout the piece. The pads and effects are brilliant, and the percussion breathes a unique breath of life into the mix. I don't quite know how to describe the emotions I feel from the piece, it is soothing, yet has energy that is insiring at the same time. Great work!

April 22nd, 2006

The problem with reviewing a great ambient track is that you can never find the words to describe why you are enjoying it. The flow and the mix and the overlapping melodies and the depth and the resonance, it all just happens and nothing jars or spoils the performance. So before you know where you are the experience is over and you just know you've heard something special. The song speaks for itself - I cannot do it justice. The fact that you liked one of my attempts is a great compliment.

Cheers Jilly

April 21st, 2006

(a man wakes up lying in mud covered in bruises and cut. As he opens his eyes he sees a dirty crumpled up picture of a beautiful woman smiling and staring straight ahead, very innocent) "aaashley" he struggles to get out as his hand reaches out in pain slowly tries to touch the pic. (His eyes become red and fill with water. He slowly lifts himself up from the ground, shaking with pain as every muscle in his body is sore and twisted and cut. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a flyer for what seems to be a strange sex club event and the camera pans in on the address. ) "I'm coming ashley" he says more confidently.

April 19th, 2006

Very cool track. Nice build into the melody ideas around 1:35. Nice percussion/rythm going on. Like the arpeggioed stuff. You know, I don't think you/me/anybody can 'give up music'. It sort of has to give you up. Nice work. hang in there. The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

Peace, Tim

April 19th, 2006

Das Unaussprechbare (das, was mir geheimnisvoll erscheint und ich nicht auszusprechen vermag) gibt vielleicht den Hintergrund, auf dem das, was ich aussprechen konnte, Bedeutung bekommt. MS 112 1:5.10.1931

April 17th, 2006

Hi Syngularity.

You are one of the first artist which pops up when I as a new member signed up yesterday so many quality tunes, so much great music.

This track is no exception. Nice composition. Varied tempo and style shift. Downbeat electronica at the start turning into a film-score-kind-of more fast paced song. You could place a fat bass into the track to hit it up! But it's great nonetheless.

May I ask what software / hardware you use to produce your music?

April 16th, 2006

I really like yo style.

April 15th, 2006


Pascal..... I cannot believe what I am reading......... give up music....... there is only one way you could do that and that is when they put you in a box my friend !!!!
This track is ample proof.... if needed.... that you would be sorely missed.
In spite of the sombre message you gave us the track itself is surprisingly upbeat.... perhaps already looking ahead to new beginning!!! Production and depth are are we come to expect from you.... impeccable. There is a touch of Tangerine Dream in that muted guitar sound section but this track is much more original and the way the melodies and pads interplay with each other is once agin something unique that have created in your own style. I can hear classical influences in here too. This is another great track from one of Mixposures best and long may you continue.

April 15th, 2006


... So I'll be the FIRST to admit that I'm not a huge listener in this genre... but that doesn't mean I don't "Get It" or the effort and artistic talent it takes to produce such a great track.

The riff at :52 really hit me hard. That sounded acoustic and you got me right there.

Givin the explanation for the song, and then listening... I couldn't be happier that you DID NOT give up your musical ambitions... dude... don't waste a God givin talent suchas what you've been givin. You have a true gift for melody, and I don't care if you Rap, Emo, Elec,... you have to hav emelody to reach the masses. This song is a great example of your talent.
Keep at it!!

April 13th, 2006

Nice, gripping rhythm, partly almost sort of hypnotic. Very good percussions and drum track! I really loved the delayed chorus guitar picking in the first third of the song! Very dreamy, with a touch of Tangerine Dream in some parts of the song. Cool! Keep up the good work!

April 13th, 2006


Perfect sound with a great melody and more than best recording. A wonderful soundtrack too. Best pan-effects and professional song-structure. The percussion-effects are interesting so I like it. I am agree with dreamout: This is original Syngularity-Music - but from the finest!

April 13th, 2006

This is typicaly a SYNGULARITY track. You'v built up one realy great title again. Nice melodies and sound arrangements. All fits :) nice track!

April 12nd, 2006


For someone like me who was never a fan of electronic or ambient music, the presence of artists like Pascal on this site has been a real eye opener.

This is another absolutely wonderful conglomeration of sound textures, rhythms and feelings. It was my perception that ambient music was devoid of emotion that kept me away from it but you have shown me the error of my ways.

A wonderful and wondrous production with the highest quality of production standards. Awesome talent on display here.

Congratulations. Mixpix and download recommended.

BTW don't you ever contemplate leaving behind your music again!!!!!

April 11st, 2006

Great use of high timbre percussions for creating contrast. Very fluid textures surrounded rich linstrumenatl accompaniment. This song has a warm inviting feel to it. Strong arrangements with vivid soundscapes. This song rocks the soul while it leaves the mind room to journey towards inner peace.


Be Blessed,


April 11st, 2006

I feel I'm really somewhere else while I listening to music. In a world of dreams and hopes.Very nice composition conducive to relaxation. It's also sad, but I like music like this!
Best wishes and regards!

April 10th, 2006

Electronica that touches my soul... Very well put together with much subtleties... Great sounds... Very clean production... beautiful melody... Wonderful dynamics.... All for making a very enjoyable tune in Ambient !!!

I like it much >>>MIXPIX !

Best, Alexis;)

April 9th, 2006

Hallo Pascal, wunderschöne Musik!


April 9th, 2006


Our dreams are inhabited by those "Images from Elsewhere," those wondrous pictures of a far better place. We know in our hearts it exists, but our minds keep telling us it is Utopia.

You've wrestled with those dreams and you have turned those "Images from Elsewhere" into a wonderful song. I am convinced that you could create beauty anywhere - and everywhere.

Continue the yearning, the journey, the quest. Your music is the reward for persevering.

Quality work, my friend!

April 9th, 2006

The Master is back, very great song.
The intro are more than convincingly.
The sound are exellent, i like the percussion line. This track are strong and elegantly. Great

April 7th, 2006

This is reminding me of the now disbanded Rocketears...Fabulous sound... Very much my kind of thing.. :-) Full of gorgeousness.. heheee... Love it... and thankfully you have the d/l option.. heheeeeeeee, great... :-)

luv mags xx :-)

April 7th, 2006


Yes, Thank God you didn't do that my dear friend! Music is in your blood - running through your veins - lodging in the depths of your mind, hence the beautiful creations you come up with that entertain us all! Paco - a wonderful piece of work here, very well arranged and produced. You are a master! I look forward to many more songs - by you and with you mi amigo!

Big Cheers!

April 7th, 2006

Pascal why on earth would you wanna do that my friend?

Give up, not an option.

This track is "open" and also very full shimmering strings/pads breathe live across this one. When the guitar/flute combination hits at 01.45 theres a mood shift. Tantalising. The drums have a neat touch of delay added or echo maybe whatever its sounding great with the panning.

A masterly demonstration in the art of ambient. Its all kicking of at 0.30 agian and this one just keeps hold of the attention and drags you into it..........................

Top marks

April 7th, 2006


Reflect a pleasant adventure in the the land of music. A song with a reflective ambience but nonetheless uplifting with its captivating percussion lines and clever use of stereo. Here again Syngularity showcases his mastery of distinction in the stereo field.

Recommended listening!!!