Corrado Rossi

Enchanting sounds right from the beginning, guys... Great ambience with a solid rhythmical line and that amazing synth lead! My congrats to Minouche for the original and perfect performance and to you for the top notch production, as always. Beautiful work!

Shane O'Brien

it's great to hear the weaving of all the different synth voices and arps working together here- I favour the mono symth voice also- a lovely sensation with that. The human choir is inspiring- i will just have to hear this some more !!


Spacey! infinite. scary too...but I mean this in a good way...this has a powerful feeling. a strong impact with the listener..the choirs make this song more mysterious. and yes, it would make a GREAT sundtrack...

Thomas Krug

That really is space music! I feel like journeying on a space odyssee. Wonderful sound areas! Very well done, Minouche and Pascal!