Pascal, a fine piece this is. I love the mix on this track, usually the first thing that either grabs me or does not about a track. The mix here does for sure. Nice use of the available space in the track allowing everything to breath. I like the groove in this as well. Enough changes in this arrangement to keep ones interest. Excellent work, thank you for sharing your music with us... Walt

Mellow D

I love this music, I feel it it in my nerves, pulse, and breath. I love the "SPACE" theme and astronauts this is A head trip both delightful and exploratory, I have only just stumbled into your arena SIR but OMG this is some heady stuff, I ask not only to be your friend, but also ask you accept my thanks for the lovely comments. You are a true musician, and I am honored to listen in.

Shane O'Brien

- WOW!!! i can tell you, no mushy compliments- just fact ,, i LOVE the sound of this track. The soind of your synth arrangement captured my love from the first breath. This is very lovely painted in my opinion. At about 3min , i love the flutish sound. This music really flows and does reward my senses. i want to hear more !!