Full on tension and a song with an outstanding great atmosphere. Never I have thought that you will work in this way. My respect to you and Andrea. Pascal you played the piano by yourself? Can't believe it. Andrea has really powerful vocals and I prefer vocals which are not so high. So it is a pleasure to listen to this outstanding song.


This is beautiful! I like the changes enhancing the drama of the music and the powerful vocals. It is relaxing while being mysterious with all the effects. Thumbs up to all involved! :)

Corrado Rossi

This is an exquisite Ambient track with beautiful, warm sounds and a magnetic mood created by Andrea's impressive vocal performance. Very relaxing, with a fantastic development: a sort of musical tale into Nature and Life... Loved the Piano chords and the bass/drums section in the second part as well. Top notch production, absolutely perfect. There's always something original and interesting in every your song, my friend: that's what a real artist can do with music.

Brian Ralston

Absolutely gorgeous piece of music, Pascal and Andrea. Although there are no lyrics there's a wonderful sense of passion in Andrea's vocals that mere words would only diminish. The intro is just superb with the sounds of nature merging with the synth. Agree entirely with the comments about the piano work. Beautiful touch. And the composition itself is just superb. Marvellous.