Brian Ralston

Don't agree with those that want vocals on this. It would take one heck of a singer and lyricist to come up to the standard of the instrumental work. And there are enough "voices" happening in here already to keep me happy. Love the clarity and separation of the instruments. It's powerful yet beautiful. Wonderful combination of rhythm, melody harmony. Never cease to amaze me Pascal. Wonderful work. Adding this to favs for sure.

Robert Forbes

Such power and imagination in this incredible ballad - so much going on, yet everything is very distinguishable! And I like the drop down from 2:45 to 3:15 - cool change of tempo and design! Really takes the song to a fantastic level of listening! Then "ka-pow!" with the return of the pace - this is high energy stuff amigo! Eyes are wide open ... Paco has done it again! Another treat from the master - congrats!

Fungus Dace

How do you get such a HIGH level without clipping? Guess you know how to use software? Awesome sound on this! The vibe is very cool. Its reminds me of a time in my life. Just enuff going on in the mix to stay interested. Wonderful keys. Just love the sound of this MIX! Very good buddy!