Rob Grant

Great opening grabs attention immediately. Excellent quality, production, composition and performance. A mesmerizing feel with lots of interesting elements throughout. A fascinating journey. Very nice work!!!

Robert Forbes

A cosmic journey from start to finish, leaving the listener knowing there will be a sequel... I love the constant and patient buildup, showing your skills as a master of Electronic and Ambient genres. Excellent dynamics! This is truly a musical example of what the cosmos must be - a song to be played eons from now when traveling through space at trans-warp speed ; )))"

Corrado Rossi

Right from the intro the song sounds terrific! Love that intriguing suspended atmosphere, with that awesome sub-bass! Then the song develops in a majestic electronic-journey through the outer Space... A bit of JMJarre & Kraftwerk but with that special taste that only Pascal has got. Fantastic! What a perfect production and amazing, never heard before effects!! Ladies and gentlemen, another outstanding song from Syngularity!"

Thomas Krug

Wonderful spacey atmosphere, top sound, very well arranged, interesting through the whole piece, suspension in it, beauty and inspiration. You've done a first class job with this piece of music, Pascal!