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Artwork by Mario Franke


This album is a tribute to The Alan Parsons Project's music.

No cover songs here, but only tracks composed and produced in the spirit of the world of The Alan Parsons Project.

It's a great collaboration with musicians from Germany, UK, Spain, Australia, USA and Italy for a beautiful Album where Progressive Rock is blended with Electronica and a touch of Classical.

If you like The Alan Parsons Project's music, this CD is for YOU!!

Track list

1. Continuum
Corrado Rossi
3:39 Sample MP3
2. Mercury Sunrise
Pascal & Minouche
5:15 Sample MP3 Lyrics
3. Pegasus
Corrado Rossi
4:59 Sample MP3
4. Day by Day
Corrado Rossi
5:58 Sample MP3 Lyrics
5. On the Way
Corrado Rossi
0:52 Sample MP3
6. Aurora
Pascal & Minouche
6:50 Sample MP3
7. Enceladus
Pascal & Minouche
5:49 Sample MP3
8. Just a Game
Bob Forbes / Leanne Bugat / Minouche
4:05 Sample MP3 Reviews Lyrics
9. The Phone Call
Corrado Rossi
1:10 Sample MP3
10. Constellations
Pascal & Minouche
5:07 Sample MP3

Produced by Corrado Rossi & Syngularity

Tracks no. 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 performed, produced and mixed by Corrado Rossi
Tracks no. 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 performed, produced and mixed by Pascal & Minouche

"Day by Day" is dedicated to Davide Rossi Lorenzi

Copyright for this album by all the involved artists:
Corrado Rossi
Pascal Gregory
RedEyeC / Bob Forbes
Nigel Potter
Leanne Bugat
Dario Lastella
Roberto Canone (The Wimshurst's Machine)
Anna Lorenzi

Artwork by Achim Hasse

© 2004-2016 Pascal Gregory Niemeier / Syngularity. All rights reserved. Artwork by Mario Franke ©. Designed by MaxineSyngularity and Yer Blues
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