April 30th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago you were just a name on a music site that kept popping up with good comments attached - now you have become a reliable source of inspirational creatitivity and entertainment.

I am finding new moods eminating from these compositions. Here is urgency, positivity, danger, intrusion and stunning beauty. This is a track that I can wander through in a dark veil while flames tear through the undergrowth and I flash glances in all directions to be fully aware of whatever may present itself. Just a big big WOW! - Jilly

Uncommitted Music UK

April 30th, 2006

Yeah great, its got the hypnotic mellow yet upbeat edge GOA often has and you have done it so well. Everything in this track just really gets me going, from the vocal samples, random instrumentalisation n fills, to the sweeping synths n creativity of the track.

Keep it up man really liked this one. Although i have yet to hear a track form you that i actually dislike.. I will do my best to find one tho lol.

Wizard Sleeve

April 26th, 2006

Excellent Electronica .... Excellent use of sounds effects and spoken vocals.

This tune has a very beautiful haunting atmo , is extremely spacious ... and contains some nice surprises.

The build up of the tune is very good and finally you have obtained an Electronica tune with much soul and poetry in it ... what is not so evident with Electronica! :)

Excellent musical work !

Alexis Van Eeckhout