February 14th, 2006

You guys have been like big brothers
...to me!

So, in listening to this song! I have a feeling of peace in my heart. This is breathtaking! Pascal...your wonderful Synthphonics are at thier very best! I love the eire-ness! Aspecially those haunting female vocals in the Intro that remind me of an "Enigma" song! That AND the temple bell type sounds and panned boinging! Awesome! J.O....your Guitar works' so glorious in this piece! It's like the music of Angels! You guys are like angels(to me)! Just a tastefully beautiful song all around...astonishing mixing and production, as always!! It almost makes me cry...to hear two Artists who I admire so much on the same track! Ethreal!


Ginnger Sparklezzz

February 7th, 2006

Great Earth sound!!
I feel Beat of Earth!!
J.O's Guitar play has wind....
It's slowly... and like a Gods Breath..
Thank you for excellent work!!


January 31st, 2006

This sounds quite filmic to me, rather like the sort of thing that would show up as the recurring theme in a movie. There are some great sounds here, including the infectious vocals and an utterly intoxicating beat, which drives the track ever onward. I found the guitar's appearance around 1;40 perhaps a little abrasive, and preferred its more 'background' role elsewhere, although that's down to personal preference more than anything.

Overall: an enjoyable track, and definitely one that's made me keen to check out more of your material.

Project Noise