November 10th, 2006

Again, Ocean is another splendid soundscape; and with the fantastic Alexis on sax you just couldn't go wrong with this track. Here, together, you have produced a beautiful harmonic expanse that does wonders for the mind....Perfect for chillout and/or film soundtrack usage I would say. Top-notch once more!

Kenneth John Parsons

October 30th, 2006

This has great atmosphere from the beginning. Nice touch with the sax emualting a whale-song like feel. Beautiful sax playing as the song progresses... oh how I wish I could play like that! This song was over too quick (which is a good thing, cause I'm able to listen to it more times). :-)

Mike Lockett

October 30th, 2006

I'm very much into animal protection & sustaining the ecology via fundraising as a 'Green Peace' and 'Zoocheck Canada' member to help preserve our animals and ecology. I had a friend who played flute out on his boat to the whales and dolphins by Vancouver, Canada awhile back. This is a most enjoyable piece of music...with lots of love felt in both of your fingertips. Alexis just flows it out so well. All in all this is a superb the beginning it sounds like the camera rolling or the dolphin making its sound. A soundtrack for sure...I can envision the deep bluewater with the creatures of the ocean roaming freely. The sound here reminded me, likely the piano melodic a bit and of the sax together of 'Supertramp'-if you don't mind; a compliment. Love the ocean. I have always lived by a big body of water; here on top of Lake Superior it's just an amazing, largest inland freshwater lake teaming with most interesting life; the smaller stuff that's all connected to where the water goes from here to the Atlantic,where I have lived by also. This is an excellent tune. Beautiful piano playing; melodicly refreshing. This tune is relaxing and with a relevant message of uplifting sounds that we can hopefully be in better harmony with our environment. Excellent. Great collab.guys.

Vesa Poltonen