September 14th, 2006

Wow a Syngularity track I have not yet reviewed very cool. I love the arp in this. The FX are cool as well and of course the quality is where it should be as I am quite familular with your music oph man the sounds you are pulling off are smokin bro I am really digging this a most highly recomended and 4 X Yes

Darren Stevens

August 13th, 2006

Great use of sequences and effects here for an original and intriguing song! I love how you used the synths and your sounds are so fresh and interesting. As always the production is amazing: all is well balanced in my headphones and sounds are clear and perfectly mixed. I agree with other reviewers: there's something of Alan in your notes (and that's great!). My foot is very happily tapping... ;-). This goes directly to my Playlist!

Corrado Rossi

August 1st, 2006

Wild and huanting is this panning ---random select pattern that bounces with the percusion loopZ...awesome synth accents and swishes of ambiance layerings that trickle thru the melody against thunk beat synth work...great freak out counterpoint passage that reflects a change of sonic scenery and leads Nto a remergence of the theme with new contrasts...quite dream like as iit is heavily Nter -woven upon each passage that follows...great powerful but not overdone BeatZ full of percussive touches...