October 18th, 2006

This is really good! Thevi's guitars are awesome, and the humour behind it all really works well. Excellent mix, especially like the jazz progression that comes in around 3.30, and the click of the balls that forms the backdrop (or is it the foreground?) to it all. Great ending too. Four stars from me.

Chris Moore

October 18th, 2006

Cool idea to use those clapping billard balls to build up a kinda groove. then that disco-stomping beat makes me move in front of my computer-grooovy!! ... cool soundscapes and again this billiard balls then introducing that wonderful crying guitar...outstanding!! ... from min.3 the song definately gots me in the move. jean michel jarre like lead on the synth ( i hope itīs not the guitar :)!!) and then again thevi as an ace, or the black8 in this case. fascinating guitaring over the last rhythm part - - - - -great collab between two outstanding musicians!!!

No World

October 13th, 2006

This track is great. I read your description and was skeptical....But it is just too good to resist...I love the pool samples...But what i really love is your rocking bass line on the synth...The guitar work is equally brilliant. I love them especially in the break down in the midsection of the song...Which also contains the best harmonic sequence in my opinion...I just love that driving bass line...if you hear all of this transcendent stuff when you play pool then you are a very deep individual...This is a great track and i'm adding it to my faves.

Will Mitchell