April 3rd, 2006

Wonderful ambient keyboards to start this off before the guitar launches it on it's way. Great bass line running along underneath and nice changes in pace along the way. Bob's playing speaks for itself as always but I think we're pushing each other to new heights with each song - love the bit around 3:30!! Superb playing and composition all round!

Paul Oakley

April 5th, 2006

My apologies for taking days to get over here...good lord have I been busy...but this was well worth the trip over here...anytime I see these 2 names united, I know I am in for a quality listen, and that is exactly what I get. Pascal lays down some of the coolest, finest synth work I have every heard and of course Bob, my m3 bro, what can I say about your guitar work that I haven't said before, stunning speed, tone, phrasing, melodic sense, and a person behind it all who has a heart of gold, what more could you ask for. Going into my mix pix of course!! Nice pic of selma, hope she doesn't mind, I sure don't :)


April 10th, 2006

It's nice to have members on Mixposure whom you know will never let you down when it comes to their tracks. This piece is a fantastic collab between RedEyeC and Syngularity. There isn't anything that could go wrong with that combination. Pascal's synth work and percussion give the track an Eno feel. Great pads and I like the percussion. It carries the tune without over powering the final mix. The fret master Bob performs some spellbinding solos without effort. The guitar recording is perfect and very well produced. Music to my ears indeed. Nice work guys, this is a really excellent track.

Project 359